Lots of pictures!

The monsters inc litter are just over 8 weeks old now and are living up to their name, they are monsters!

We had a fantastic few hours at my favourite beach last week where we met up with a good friend and her 4 standard poodles.

 Dime is 5 1/2 weeks pregnant at the time of this pic being taken and you can see that she is starting to fill out now :)

After an initial tough start Beetle has now settled into motherhood, her boobs are no longer engorged and this has made a huge difference to her being able to enjoy her babies. We have had to remove the litter tray from Beetles environment because she keeps taking one kitten (varies as to which one she picks) from the nest to the tray and once there she lays down to nurse that kitten ignoring the one in the nest. Without the tray she is happily nursing her kittens in her bed.

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And then there were two :(

Not a great start to the morning, woke up to find Beetles tabby girl out of the nest and stone cold, despite my best efforts to warm her up and revive her it was too late and she passed away quietly. The two remaining kittens are little buttterballs and Beetles incredible boobage is starting to recede. Beetle is showing her lack of experience with the kittens so they are being very carefully monitored. Pics are still not great as trying not to upset mum, but these are the two remaining grubs.

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Beetle and her woodlice :)

Beetle has 3 absolutely gorgeous kittens, 2 choc/white and a tabby/white. She may possibly have another one to come as she is still pretty large but at this stage she is doing very well for a 1st time mum, just a little fidgety (she is has very full mammary glands which are prob quite tender, should sort itself out as the kittens suckle which they have already started) Not great photos as I obviously want her to settle before I start to interfere. Did I mention they are gorgeous?

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R.I.P Dollar 27.06.2006 - 13.04.2018

Today I had to say goodbye to the most beautiful, gentle, people loving poodle I have ever had the honour of owning.
Dollar came to me when she was approx 5 months old, she was a show kennels reject and my best friend. Right from the start Dollar adored people, she insisted that anyone she met made a fuss of her, over the years she honed this skill so that even on a walk she would get attention from all that crossed her path as she would calmly approach people and then stand across their path so that they couldn't get past her without some form of contact. So many people that we met regularly on our walk refer to her as 'my girl' she just knew how to make them feel like they were special.

Dollar really never put a foot wrong, she was a bit of a counter surfer, she would chase the cats if they ran in the garden but other than that I can only really think of one time when she was actually naughty. That was a year or two ago, on a poodle meet that I had organised at Saunton Sands. Dollar, who had never ever chased a horse in her life, suddenly decided to completely show me up in front of a large group of fellow poodle owners by taking chase when a rider passed us. She ran, flat out,...

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RescueBox Transforms A Shelter From Drab to Incredible!

RescueBox works with GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Rebuild to help fund shelter rebuild efforts across the country. Efforts like this one in Houston, TX show just how effective programs like this are and how each RescueBox continues to help shelter pets. Rescue Rebuild, along with volunteers, helped to rebuild Special Pals Shelter to improve living conditions for...

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This morning driving the van was still not possible, but we do have a small strip of woodland in easy walking distance, so we at least managed to get out today  Alfie stayed at home because he doesn't do cold or wet and Dollar also had to stay home as we had a bit of a scare after a sedation, for a biopsy on a mouth ulcer, on Friday and although she is much better today I felt she would be better staying home in the warm and dry (not sure she was convinced!)

The chickens didn't venture out at all yesterday, but the snow is melting fast and today they've braved it :)

The kittens remain oblivious to the weather conditions.

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Whilst we wait....

With a bit of luck Dime should now be 2 1/2 weeks pregnant and Spirit 2 weeks, both girls will be scanned in a couple of weeks so keep your fingers crossed :)

In the meantime their routine remains unchanged and despite the weather we are still managing pretty good walks most days (one or two have been a bit shorter than normal as even the girls were saying why are we out in this? lol). Yesterday was beach day so here are a few pics :)

The kittens are coming on so well, already they are out and about and they are enjoying trying solid food.

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Feeling broody

By the time Bob's kittens went to their new homes I was feeling in need of a break, but we are now a couple of months on and I'm really missing having puppies/kittens in the house. As Tibbs and Bobs were neutered most of the females I have will not be old enough to have kittens for a few months yet, so unless Mrs Miggins decides to call we won't have kittens until early summer. However the dogs are due in season around Dec/Jan and we are hoping to have puppies. After swearing I wouldn't do it again, the plan is to mate 2 of the girls. There are several reasons for this, but two of them in particular have decided me on this course of action, the first is because they are both 6 years old now and I would prefer them to have their last litters sooner rather than later, the second reason is simply that the timing will be better for me as I prefer not to have young kittens at the same time as puppies.

The plan is that Dime will be visiting a blue boy, he has not sired a litter before and will bring some new blood to the silver gene pool. Spirit is almost certainly going to visit a black boy from a strong show line, whilst this will not give me phantom puppies (though all will carry...

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Poodle fun on the beach

We didn't manage to sort a reunion out this year, but we have managed a couple of poodle meet ups, one of which was yesterday on our favourite beach, Saunton Sands. As it happens most of the dogs attending were bred by me, and one of the ones that wasn't is a Dollar Grandson. The weather was 'interesting' we had strong winds causing mini sandstorms, a heavy burst of rain/hail and some much appreciated sunshine. Here are some of the pics from today, as ever, more can be found on my Flickr.com account (link on the right of this page).

This week also saw my dogs suffering severe trauma, when I have young kittens I don't encourage contact between them and the dogs, unpredictable kittens with sharp claws running amok through a group of dogs who are essentially a hunting breed is just not a risk I want to take. The kittens that I have kept are now of a size where I feel the risk has pretty much passed (my dogs are fine with the adult cats) so this week saw their first evening all together. The dogs spent most of the evening grouped together and totally unable to relax, lol. The 2nd night was a lot more comfortable for all of my pets and now all are happy to chill together :)

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Good news, bad news

The good news is that Dime is pregnant, the bad news is that Spirit is almost certainly not (though she could be almost a week behind Dime so I will check her again next weekend, but I'm fairly sure it will just confirm that she isn't).  We will try for a repeat mating on her next season and hope that the weather doesn't scupper our plans again. I'm so sorry that some of you are going to be disappointed, I was looking forward to keeping a pup from Spirit too :(.

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