They have arrived, and they are fabulous. Itzapromise calendars are A3 size and each page has a picture of my dogs that was taken in the last 12 months. There are a limited amount available at a cost of £16.50 each (inc p&p) or £30 for two to the same address.  Please contact me if you would like to place an order.

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Beach day and a swim

Today the pups joined us for their first beach trip, as can be seen they had a great time. With a little gentle encouragement they also had their first swim. We met up with a friend and her poodles so they coped really well with meeting new faces. 

                            They even managed a sit/stay for a group shot.

These pics were all taken at Saunton Sand, venue for our 2018 reunion, see previous post for details.

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2018 Reunion

The date and venue have been confirmed, 16th Sept at Saunton Sands, North Devon. We are hoping for a good turnout and looking forward to meeting up with the extended members of the Itzapromise family :)
Saunton sands boasts 3 miles of beach and several miles of sand dunes, so the plan is to have a meet and greet (time to be confirmed, but likely to be between 11/12) and then have a gentle stroll up the beach and if the weather holds until then perhaps a paddle. Afterwards you can either have a picnic or visit the cafe for a bite to eat/drink.

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This month saw a very tough decision for me so I think it only right I share what led up to it and the end result. A couple of years ago Dime disappeared off into the woods of our (then) regular walk. I wasn't overly concerned as she often went squirrel hunting, would be gone 5 mins and then come back with a big grin on her face, puffing and panting, but this time she was gone for about 40 mins and by this time I was feeling quite concerned, she eventually showed up, very pleased with herself and absolutely shattered, I made the assumption that she must have come across a deer and had chased that.  We finished our walk and went home where I found a message from a farmer telling me that what she had actually been doing was worrying his sheep. I was mortified, having previously owned a small flock of sheep I am all too aware of the implications of this. Fortunately no damage had been done, I apologised profusely to the farmer and explained that I had been unaware that he had started to graze his sheep there and promised him I would not walk her there again, and I didn't.

Due to this incident I became super aware of Dime around livestock, her walks on Dartmoor were discontinued as...

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