Poodle fun on the beach

We didn't manage to sort a reunion out this year, but we have managed a couple of poodle meet ups, one of which was yesterday on our favourite beach, Saunton Sands. As it happens most of the dogs attending were bred by me, and one of the ones that wasn't is a Dollar Grandson. The weather was 'interesting' we had strong winds causing mini sandstorms, a heavy burst of rain/hail and some much appreciated sunshine. Here are some of the pics from today, as ever, more can be found on my Flickr.com account (link on the right of this page).

This week also saw my dogs suffering severe trauma, when I have young kittens I don't encourage contact between them and the dogs, unpredictable kittens with sharp claws running amok through a group of dogs who are essentially a hunting breed is just not a risk I want to take. The kittens that I have kept are now of a size where I feel the risk has pretty much passed (my dogs are fine with the adult cats) so this week saw their first evening all together. The dogs spent most of the evening grouped together and totally unable to relax, lol. The 2nd night was a lot more comfortable for all of my pets and now all are happy to chill together :)

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Anytime soon!

Tibbs is pregnant with her very last litter, she will be spayed after these babies as she is well into middle age now. So this litter is tinged with both anticipation and a certain amount of sadness as she and Manuel have produced some wonderful babies over the years and this marks the end of an era.

She has never produced more than 3 kittens in a litter, but she currently looks huge, of course this could simply be that she does have a bit of a problem with middle age spread. I suspect we will find out in the next 48hrs :)

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Chaos reigns!

It's starting to get pretty hectic here now, not only are the kittens mad as a box of frogs, but the puppies are now approaching 4 weeks old, and even though they are possibly the most laid back litter I have had (not so much competition as they are such a small litter), they have now reached the stage where they need a bit more room and are becoming more reliant on me and just slightly less reliant on Spirit. With that in mind they have now moved from the dining room to the lounge. Up until now the kittens have had this space to themselves, so we have had some hissy spitty kittens for a short while, but now they are just ignoring them.

The puppies had a brief visit to the garden earlier this week (much easier to get pics in natural light)

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A bit of fun in the garden

I have a couple of agility jumps and some weave poles in the garden so that I can practice a couple of bits in the garden, yesterday Emily decided to have a bit of fun, not only with Cash and Eliza but also with Fawlty. Just a very quick video of Fawlty in training (he is probably my least agile cat, which makes this all the funnier to me) and some pics of everyone else. Just so you know, Cash would not normally do jumps of this size so I told Emily he couldn't be asked to do anything that she wouldn't do, also, at very nearly 13 years old Purdie shouldn't really do this sort of thing, but she so wants to be doing stuff and be involved, so she was allowed 3 jumps.

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Sometimes life seems very unfair.

After the surprise arrival of Tibblate everything seemed to be going well for Tibbs and her 2 babies, but last Tuesday I noticed that the umbilical cord on Tibblet didn't look right, a call to the vets ended with her being prescribed a course of antibiotics. The next day the cord looked a lot better but she was not right in herself and was not suckling properly, so I started to syringe feed her. By Thursday one of her back legs had swollen really badly and she was obviously not a well kitten, she had septicemia and the prognosis was poor. As she was still responsive we decided to start her on an additional course of antibiotics. Again she appeared to be fighting the infection and by Saturday morning there was definite improvement in her leg, but by the evening she was worryingly quiet. I carried on with her feeds through the night but by Sunday morning it was evident that she was losing the battle and was now showing signs of distress, so the heartbreaking decision to let her go was made. R.I.P Tibblet. Her sister, Tibblate is thriving.

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Returned kitten seeks new home.

My blue kitten that had the stress hernia repair has not had the best time, she had the hernia repaired and was spayed a few weeks ago and having got the all clear from my vet she went to her new home. Unfortunately by the time she was checked by her new families vet there had been a partial breakdown in the repair which means that she is going to need another surgery, although this should be a very quick operation with 100% recovery her family made the very hard decision to return her to me. She arrived back yesterday and as can be seen she and Beetle wasted no time in starting up fast and furious play. She is still the most affectionate kitten and when she is not running at 100mph she wants nothing more than to be with people, and her purring is just non stop when she is settled with you. She is scheduled for surgery this week and once I am certain there is not going to be any further issue she will be looking for a new home. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more details about this delightful purr machine that Emily has named Floof :)

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