Meeting new dogs and discovering water

It is so hot that I am finding it really hard to put time in walking the pups after the big dogs have been walked (especially as Bernard is due to kitten any minute so I have keep a fairly constant eye on her) so this morning we made a compromise and the pups both came with us for a short walk. It was a very positive experience for them, they met some puppy friendly dogs and got their paws wet. All their earlier trips out this week have been either just the pups or each pup on her own, they are also getting individual training sessions. Two pups is really hard! They have also been going out and about in the van and are becoming seasoned travellers, we had a 3 hour round trip on Weds and they slept the whole way.

Pollys kittens are quite simply gorgeous little chunks. All 3 are currently available.

Bernard is fit to burst, her kittens should be here in the next day or two. I don't think she was impressed that I took her picture when she is hot and fat!

Finally, we have some feathered new arrivals. One of my girls had gone broody a couple of months ago, despite me repeatedly taking her off her nest (they will starve themselves if left to sit with no eggs to hatch) she remained...

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Last kittens of 2018

Well, Bernard has finished off this years kittening with a bang, 6 beautiful big kittens born yesterday afternoon. She has 3 boys, a black/white, a red and a cream, 3 girls, a blue cream, a tortie and a tabby so a real mix of colours :) Mum and babies are doing very well. Any kitten enquiries please contact me.

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Reunion time

It's been a few years since the last one so I feel that another Itzapromise reunion is called for. Previous reunions have been at Parke in Bovey Tracey, but they have grazed sheep there for the last couple of years, making it a no go area for some of my dogs, so at the moment I am considering my favourite beach, Saunton Sands in North Devon. Not only is it a vast sandy beach, there is a cafe and toilets and I have never failed to find a quiet area to walk/play with the dogs. I am proposing a weekend in September, if you are interested in attending please comment. I am very open to alternative Devon locations if anyone has suggestions.

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I am pleased to be able to say that all 3 kittens now have wonderful families waiting for them. They are growing like weeds and becoming more inquisitive with each passing day.

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For the first time since we moved to Devon, we have snow, not only do we have snow we have a red weather warning :( I'm thankful that it didn't arrive yesterday and we were able to get Spirit mated and I'm hopeful that the roads will be driveable by Sat so we can take her for a 2nd mating, though it's not the end of the world if we can't as, thanks to progesterone testing, we know the timing was right and that it was a good mating yesterday, just nice to have belt and braces so to speak.

We did manage to get those who aren't in season out for a walk this morning, before the snow hit. Cash has had quite a spring in his step since the girls have been in season :)

The kittens are just beautiful, fat as butter and so chilled. Unbelievably they are all still available!! Please get in contact if you are interested in these very special babies.

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New arrivals.

With all the puppies leaving over the last few days I completely forgot to post about Pollys kittens! She had 3 huge kittens on Thursday afternoon (a very civilised hour :) ) All are doing really well and Polly is proving to be a very good/relaxed mum.

We have one boy and two girls, all of which are currently available.

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