Reunion is nearly upon us

The Itzapromise reunion is all set for Sunday the 16th, the plan is to meet on the beach (near the main car park and cafe) between about 11:30 and noon. Those who want to can then go for a stroll down the 3 miles of beach, returning to the cafe about 2/3hrs later for a drink and a bite to eat. We are hoping for a decent turnout, please contact me directly if you need any further info. At the moment the weather is looking good, so please keep your fingers crossed.  Postcode for venue can be found here, unfortunately the car parking charges are not cheap.

We had a practice beach day last week, 1st one since the school holidays started, unfortunately Spirit couldn't join us as she was in season (hoping she will be finished in time for Sunday)

We have just one kitten still available, the cream and white boy. He's a super chap, full of fun and purrs, please contact me if you would like to know more.

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Sunshine, at last

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has contacted me about Dollar, I was overwhelmed by all the kind words via personal messages, sympathy cards and comments both here and on facebook, each and every message helped.

At long last winter seems to be behind us, it is so good to see the sun again. The dogs had a blast on their walk today, all were clipped and bathed yesterday so were feeling good :) Dime is filling out now, not huge so we are hoping for a nice but manageable litter.

Beetles grubs are doing really well, both are currently available.

The Monsters inc kittens are living up to their names are proper monsters, cracking little kittens. They had their 1st vaccinations last week so just 2 weeks before they leave for pastures new.

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R.I.P Dollar 27.06.2006 - 13.04.2018

Today I had to say goodbye to the most beautiful, gentle, people loving poodle I have ever had the honour of owning.
Dollar came to me when she was approx 5 months old, she was a show kennels reject and my best friend. Right from the start Dollar adored people, she insisted that anyone she met made a fuss of her, over the years she honed this skill so that even on a walk she would get attention from all that crossed her path as she would calmly approach people and then stand across their path so that they couldn't get past her without some form of contact. So many people that we met regularly on our walk refer to her as 'my girl' she just knew how to make them feel like they were special.

Dollar really never put a foot wrong, she was a bit of a counter surfer, she would chase the cats if they ran in the garden but other than that I can only really think of one time when she was actually naughty. That was a year or two ago, on a poodle meet that I had organised at Saunton Sands. Dollar, who had never ever chased a horse in her life, suddenly decided to completely show me up in front of a large group of fellow poodle owners by taking chase when a rider passed us. She ran, flat out,...

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Lots of pictures!

The monsters inc litter are just over 8 weeks old now and are living up to their name, they are monsters!

We had a fantastic few hours at my favourite beach last week where we met up with a good friend and her 4 standard poodles.

 Dime is 5 1/2 weeks pregnant at the time of this pic being taken and you can see that she is starting to fill out now :)

After an initial tough start Beetle has now settled into motherhood, her boobs are no longer engorged and this has made a huge difference to her being able to enjoy her babies. We have had to remove the litter tray from Beetles environment because she keeps taking one kitten (varies as to which one she picks) from the nest to the tray and once there she lays down to nurse that kitten ignoring the one in the nest. Without the tray she is happily nursing her kittens in her bed.

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Puppies won't be long :)

Dime is in early labour, lots of panting and restlessness. Cam will go on once things start to get interesting, this could be in half an hour or tomorrow morning. I will take this opportunity to mention that whilst it is normally an incredible experience witnessing the birth of new life, it will be messy and things can and do go wrong.

It's now 7pm and not much to report, she is managing to relax between episodes of panting.

8am Sunday morning and she is taking her time, this stage can last up to 48 hrs so no cause for concern at the moment, just a little impatience (and a lot of tiredness) on my part :)

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Agility dogs

After a long winter break (ground was far too wet to safely run dogs) Eliza and Cash have restarted their agility training, just feels so good to be back out there working with them and I know that they really enjoy it to. My sister visited this weekend and she was good enough to take some pictures for me.

 This photo made me laugh, we started with the jumps low to warm Cash up, he still jumped full height!

Dime is approaching her due date now, she has filled out nicely though she is not huge, I am guessing 5/6 puppies which would be a lovely sized litter.

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Kittens - my house is a mad house!

The kittens are now approaching 9 and 7 weeks and they are nutters! They have two speeds, full throttle and asleep. Unfortunately, due to potential owner not being entirely honest with me, Pollys blue tabby and white girl is re available. She is such an affectionate and playful girl. I also have 3 kittens available from Bernards litter, the red/white boy, the dark torti girl and the blue tabby girl. Please contact me if you would like further information on any of these.

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