Life's a beach

Today I had arranged to meet Clive and Alison with Morse and Crichton at Bigbury today but as I was pulling up to park I realised that in the car next to us contained Sarah with Alice and Evie, so this morning turned into a mini Itzapromise meeting :) Unfortunately I didn't get any decent pics of Morse as he was convinced that Spirit was still the sexiest poodle alive (despite her telling him, in no uncertain terms, to take a hike!) and spent most of his walk with his nose up her bottom, which doesn't make for the best pic, lol. It was lovely to see everyone and the dogs had a great time.

Spirit is just over 5 weeks pregnant and is starting to develop a little bulge .

Unfortunately we had some very sad news with Bobs kittens, during Weds night one of the blue and white kittens got herself stuck under the blankets and I found her deceased in the morning. The rest of the kittens are thriving and eyes are starting to open.

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Best Laid Plans!

Best laid plans and all that! I went to work this morning leaving Emily strict instructions to watch Bob like a hawk, which she did. I came home at 1:30 and asked if all was ok, yes was her reply, so I grabbed some lunch before shooting off to our agility class. As I was going out of the door I asked where Mrs Miggins was, no idea, came the casual reply, so I went looking for her and found her with her 3 beautiful kittens, all happy and feeding, in one of the scratch posts. Surely Bob can't hold on much longer, lol.

And, not to be outdone, Bob has so far produced 3 babies this evening 

Manuel has done us proud.

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Counting down!

Spirit is due her pups on or around the 22nd of this month. She is very fit and well (this mornings walk was 8 miles!) but is not huge, I am guessing 6 puppies.

This picture was taken 6 days before her last litter was born, 2 years ago. On that occasion she had 9.

As always Spirit will go on her regular walks until the pups arrive, not only will this help her general fitness for labour but it will keep her calm and relaxed prior to the pups arrival. These are some pics from todays walk, Spirit enjoys the walks but is not very interesting to photograph at the moment as she is pretty ploddy, the rest of the gang however make the most of every moment, including the pensioners, Dollar and Purdie :)

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Bit of a brag

Those who have followed me for a while will know that showing is not my thing, however sometimes puppies and kittens that I have bred do go to people that enjoy showing them. Margo belongs to Shelly and she got her to Crufts last year where she gained a very respectable 5th place and managed to get onto the front page of the Guardian newspaper. This year they were back again, but in a much bigger class, I believe there were 18 dogs entered, and she was placed 3rd!! I am so pleased for her owner, who has put so much effort in keeping her in show condition, they are an amazing team together, so whilst the most important job of any animal I breed is to be a 1st class pet, to do so well at a world famous dog show is a little bit special.
Unfortunately I was not able to get to Crufts on poodle day, but have been given permission by Amy Bramley to use the pictures of Margo that she took.

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Buns in the oven

Spirit is 6 weeks pregnant today, I took a picture of her just 3 days ago and thought that she looked like she may only have a few in there.

However, 2 nights ago she literally ballooned and these were pics taken today, I now suspect that there is a good sized litter cooking in there, looking forward to meeting them all, on or around the 22nd March.

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Moving on

Firstly I would like to thank all those that have messaged me or sent cards in the last week or so, I was very touched by the support.
Having been away for a week or so things have moved on with the animals, the poodles all look like neglect cases, so I see a marathon of grooming/clipping and possibly skinhead haircuts next week :)

The kittens on the other hand are looking fab, they are starting to wonder what's outside the nest box, it's still a bit scarey out of the comfort of the nest but I think it safe to say that it won't be long before they are fully confident and running riot! I have decided not to keep the boy from this litter, the timing just isn't right, so all 3 kittens are now looking for homes.

The chickens are now very happy girls, we recently had their area returfed, which meant that they were confined to a large pen whilst the grass established, today was their 1st day out, it's been a long while since there has been proper grass for them and it's lovely to see them foraging in it, especially the ex battery girls as this is their first ever time they have had grass under their feet!

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Guessing games

Spirit is keeping me guessing, normally at this point in pregnancy (3 1/2 weeks) I can feel whether or not my girls are pregnant, but Spirit is a more thick set girl which makes things much harder. I will be taking her for a scan on Thursday morning to find out for sure.

The guessing game with the cats is when and how many :) Both girls are pretty round so I think that between them we may well have fun and games on the horizon. I will update as soon as the kittens arrive.

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Not long until K Day

Bob and Mrs Miggins both visited Manuel a few weeks ago and are both expecting kittens at the end of next week, Bob should be a day or two ahead of Mrs Miggins. Both are very fit and well and both are looking pretty plump :)

The weather here has been foul this week, wet and windy which means wet and muddy dogs. This morning I decided that I just couldn't face another day of filthy dogs (very very unusual for us), whilst the dogs were unsettled this morning, once the wood burner was lit they decided it wasn't such a bad idea.

Alfie however decided he would pretend to be a cat 

Eliza was the only one who struggled with doing nothing, she is such a bright girl who just doesn't get that you don't need to be doing something all the time, so she often brings suggestions of things we should be doing, this morning it was a shoe, do you think she was hinting about going out? lol.

Dollar has made a very good recovery from her bloat episode and is completely back to normal. She will however be having surgery next week to prevent a torsion should she bloat again. Thank you to everyone who has enquired after her.

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Enjoying a fabulous October

The weather continues to be kind to us, so we are making the most of it and getting some fab walks, I am also aware that the girls are due in season anytime now so really don't want to miss any walking opportunities (hoping to repeat the Spirit/Morse litter). Yesterday we went to the beach, I could only take 6 dogs with me so unfortunately Purdie, Alfie and Audrey had to stay home, but Graham was with them and they got to enjoy some good meaty bones whilst we were out.
These are some pics from our morning, there are loads more pics on my account, link on the right of the page.

The kittens are 7 weeks old already! They are super fast now but here are a couple of pics taken whilst they were asleep. Will try and get some more pics over the next few days.

 The boys are also enjoying the late sunshine, both my boys are so sociable and fortunately both are able to roam free (alternating times) so they do not have the typical stud cat existance. The main difference between the boys attitude is that Manuel will not tolerate the dogs and all give him a wide berth whilst Fawlty positively enjoys their company, particularly that of Eliza, they really are best buddies .

And last but...

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