Not sure what I'm going to do with myself!

After months of having a houseful of manic kittens, this week marks the departure of all of them. They have been an absolute tonic, I don't think I have managed to have even one evening relaxing in front of the tv as they just don't stop. If they're not racing around the house they are fighting for pole position on my lap, shoulders or boobs!! That said, it will be quite nice not having to constantly clean litter trays :)

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Puppy plans

I am pleased to announce that Spirit is pregnant, she has not been the easiest girl to get into whelp and has missed more times than she has taken, so this comes as a bit of a surprise and quite a relief. This will be her 3rd and final litter, we are expecting blacks, blues and creams.

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Fabulous turnout!

Yesterday saw the 3rd Itzapromise reunion, and we can boast the biggest turnout yet with 30 standard poodles attending, including representatives from my silver, apricot and phantom lines. I can't deny, I felt a huge sense of pride seeing a beach full of happy dogs and people and knowing I had a hand in it.

We saw 5 littermates reunited from our recent Dime/Cash litter

As if that weren't enough we had an extra surprise as we witnessed a proposal of marriage from one of the attending couples, so huge congratulations to them, it made a memorable day that much more special.

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