Not long until K Day

Bob and Mrs Miggins both visited Manuel a few weeks ago and are both expecting kittens at the end of next week, Bob should be a day or two ahead of Mrs Miggins. Both are very fit and well and both are looking pretty plump :)

The weather here has been foul this week, wet and windy which means wet and muddy dogs. This morning I decided that I just couldn't face another day of filthy dogs (very very unusual for us), whilst the dogs were unsettled this morning, once the wood burner was lit they decided it wasn't such a bad idea.

Alfie however decided he would pretend to be a cat 

Eliza was the only one who struggled with doing nothing, she is such a bright girl who just doesn't get that you don't need to be doing something all the time, so she often brings suggestions of things we should be doing, this morning it was a shoe, do you think she was hinting about going out? lol.

Dollar has made a very good recovery from her bloat episode and is completely back to normal. She will however be having surgery next week to prevent a torsion should she bloat again. Thank you to everyone who has enquired after her.

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