Enjoying a fabulous October

The weather continues to be kind to us, so we are making the most of it and getting some fab walks, I am also aware that the girls are due in season anytime now so really don't want to miss any walking opportunities (hoping to repeat the Spirit/Morse litter). Yesterday we went to the beach, I could only take 6 dogs with me so unfortunately Purdie, Alfie and Audrey had to stay home, but Graham was with them and they got to enjoy some good meaty bones whilst we were out.
These are some pics from our morning, there are loads more pics on my Flickr.com account, link on the right of the page.

The kittens are 7 weeks old already! They are super fast now but here are a couple of pics taken whilst they were asleep. Will try and get some more pics over the next few days.

 The boys are also enjoying the late sunshine, both my boys are so sociable and fortunately both are able to roam free (alternating times) so they do not have the typical stud cat existance. The main difference between the boys attitude is that Manuel will not tolerate the dogs and all give him a wide berth whilst Fawlty positively enjoys their company, particularly that of Eliza, they really are best buddies .

And last but...

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