Life's a beach

Today I had arranged to meet Clive and Alison with Morse and Crichton at Bigbury today but as I was pulling up to park I realised that in the car next to us contained Sarah with Alice and Evie, so this morning turned into a mini Itzapromise meeting :) Unfortunately I didn't get any decent pics of Morse as he was convinced that Spirit was still the sexiest poodle alive (despite her telling him, in no uncertain terms, to take a hike!) and spent most of his walk with his nose up her bottom, which doesn't make for the best pic, lol. It was lovely to see everyone and the dogs had a great time.

Spirit is just over 5 weeks pregnant and is starting to develop a little bulge .

Unfortunately we had some very sad news with Bobs kittens, during Weds night one of the blue and white kittens got herself stuck under the blankets and I found her deceased in the morning. The rest of the kittens are thriving and eyes are starting to open.

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