Feeling broody

By the time Bob's kittens went to their new homes I was feeling in need of a break, but we are now a couple of months on and I'm really missing having puppies/kittens in the house. As Tibbs and Bobs were neutered most of the females I have will not be old enough to have kittens for a few months yet, so unless Mrs Miggins decides to call we won't have kittens until early summer. However the dogs are due in season around Dec/Jan and we are hoping to have puppies. After swearing I wouldn't do it again, the plan is to mate 2 of the girls. There are several reasons for this, but two of them in particular have decided me on this course of action, the first is because they are both 6 years old now and I would prefer them to have their last litters sooner rather than later, the second reason is simply that the timing will be better for me as I prefer not to have young kittens at the same time as puppies.

The plan is that Dime will be visiting a blue boy, he has not sired a litter before and will bring some new blood to the silver gene pool. Spirit is almost certainly going to visit a black boy from a strong show line, whilst this will not give me phantom puppies (though all will carry...

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