Not “My Boy” Bill Anymore…

The past six weeks have been an absolute whirlwind for me. We’ve just ended a major six week long fundraising season at work, a time that requires me to work every night on top of my regular work week hours. Initially, I was not going to take in a foster during this time, simply because I didn’t think I would have enough energy.

But when I found out that My Boy Bill had to leave the vet, but could only go to foster, not to the shelter, I decided I had to do something! So, early on the morning of Saturday, October 22nd, Bill moved in with Lucy and me and thus began the craziest six weeks of 2011.

But I am SO SO SO happy to report that at the end of all the madness is greatness. Bill is officially ADOPTED! Exactly six weeks after I brought him home, we met a great family who wanted to go back to being a two dog home. They’d done it before, but only had one for a little while. What’s more is that they’re pittie advocates, too!


Bill with pittie brother, Linus, and Dad

Mom, Dad, and doggie brother, Linus drove into the city to meet Bill and everyone got along immediately. We went on a nice long walk, did an off-leash test in an empty dog run, and then everyone hopped in the car to go to Animal Haven to have everything finalized. The really funny thing is that this was the first time Bill had ever been to the shelter, and now he’s never to return there again!

Happy family!

Bill nearly lost his life due to his bacterial infection, and now fully recovered, will have the most fantastic life with his new parents and brother in their beautiful home.  I am so grateful to have been part of Bill’s journey, and even though I will miss him terribly, the fact that he’s found the most perfect family gives me so much more happiness!