Adoptable Pittie of the Week: Chester


We have no idea how this big gentle boy ended up at the crowded municipal shelter, but what first brought him to our attention was his soulful and searching gaze.


Chester & Jo Ann

From there, we discovered he loves other dogs, even a Maltese who gave him a “talking-to” (he ignored it), and even a shelter puppy who enjoyed gnawing on him.


In his foster home, Chester turned out to be every bit as intelligent as he is loyal and patient – he learns almost instantly. You want him to sit? Just ask. You want him to settle? He’s at your feet, snoring.


You want him to fetch the ball? Well, watch the video to see how eager and grateful he is.


Won’t you consider this incredibly special boy for your next companion? He is neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and housebroken. He loves his couch, his crate, his Kong, and everyone he meets.

Goofing Off

All he needs now is someone who will love him. Please send us an email if you or anyone you know would like to adopt Chester.