Another Adoption!

That’s right everyone – Daisy Mae is…

Just over a week ago, we hosted an adoption and information event at Furry Fiends, a pet store in the Inwood area of Manhattan (pics here). It was a very warm day, and the dogs were definitely feeling the heat, so we were considering closing up shop a bit early. We were able to share lots of great information, so we considered the event a success. But as we were beginning to pack things up, two young guys passed by, saw Daisy Mae, and stopped. So, we grabbed the chance and started chatting, and they absolutely adored her, but they didn’t take the bait. After a few minutes, they left, and we were sad.

But while that was happening, one of our families from Bully Project‘s training classes showed up to meet Hunny – so we stuck around a little while longer, and guess what? The guys came back! With more questions!


Jon & Daisy Mae

And what did we do? We answered ALL OF THEM. We filled them in on everything we could about Daisy Mae, Bully Project, dog ownership in general. They couldn’t keep their eyes off of Daisy Mae for more than a second, they were so smitten. But they still didn’t fill out an application! They left again!

Only to return five minutes later – and you know what they say, “Third time’s the charm!” And it was! They had gone home, and checked out our blog, and Daisy’s intro video on YouTube, and knew that she was the dog for them! We handed them an application, chatted a bit more, and stayed in touch over the week while we processed and approved their application. And we can now happily say that Daisy Mae is in her forever home and loving life with her new dads!

Jorge & Daisy Mae