Adoptable Pittie: Fondue

adopt fondue

Fondue is a two year old, 40 lbs bundle of pure love. She’s an easy-going, mellow girl who lives for hugs and tummy rubs. She’s a bit shy at first but just give her some time and her personality will blossom. And although she’d spend all day on your lap if you’d let her, she’s not needy at all. She’ll be content to lay at your feet and keep you company while you work.

This pretty girl has a great energy level; she’s very well-behaved and quiet indoors but can also be quite playful and energetic outside. Fondue has energy to burn and would make a fantastic jogging or hiking partner. She can use some fine tuning on her leash manners but she is overall very easy and enjoyable to walk.




Fondue is house-trained and should be walked three times a day to prevent any accidents. She is also fine with being left alone during the work day but would definitely appreciate a family or individual who isn’t gone for too long as she absolutely loves the company of other people.

fondue on back 

fondue full body

 fondue car 

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