8 - 2019-10-14 12:51:02 -

Beetles kittens are now up and taking an interest in their surroundings, all 4 are very confident and keen to explore, which made photos not as easy as I predicted :) The chocolate and the chocolate tabby boys are currently available.

Bernards kittens will be having their 2nd vaccinations and microchips on Monday and will be leaving for pastures new in the following week. They have been a great litter, problem free and full of fun. 

The dogs have not been neglected, we have had some lovely beach walks alongside their regular walks. We are looking forward to a quiet winter with no babies and then hopefully some puppies in the spring, which are eagerly awaited after more than a year since the last pups. 

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This year I have not had calendars made, but I have had several requests for them. I am going to just use one of the big print companies to make my own calendars but if anyone would like one made for them I am happy to order extras. They are probably going to cost £12 plus p&p, I hope the quality will be good, they will be A3 in size and the same format as previous years and feature photos of my gang from Oct 2018 to Sept 2019. I will be ordering them by the end of Sept so if anyone wants to pre order one please pm me and we can sort out payment.

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