2 weeks old

Bernard and her kittens are coming along in leaps and bounds, 2 weeks old and they are starting to become aware of their surroundings.

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UK Bans Use Of Wild Animals In Circuses

"The use of wild animals in traveling circuses is outdated and unpopular, and this legislation will bring England into line with a long and increasing list of countries which have banned this practice."

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Bernards babies

Bernard had her kittens yesterday, I'm pleased to report that she has 6 healthy kittens and she is doing really well, but it didn't go quite to plan. She was in 1st stage of labour yesterday morning, very vocal and clingy but no contractions. I had to do the school run and take Polly's kittens to the vets for their 2nd vaccinations and microchips in readiness for them flying the nest next week. As I was leaving the surgery the vet said goodbye and see you soon, which as I work there is a perfectly reasonable thing to say, neither of us expected it to be that afternoon!

I got home at about 9:45 and the dogs had to forgo their walk as Bernards labour was progressing and I needed to be there for her. At around 1pm she started pushing. Normally you would expect to see the 1st kitten within about an hour, maybe 2, but at 3:30pm she had made no progress. Back to the vets, an examination confirmed that she was ready to go, but there was no kitten on the way, so the decision was taken to unzip her and use the emergency exit for the kittens.

The kittens came out fast, myself and the staff at the vets were then kept busy for the next hour or so reviving the kittens, all of which had lovely...

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Spirit and Tiffany

Today is my 16th wedding anniversary, we marked the occasion by spending most of the day going to and from the vets. My usual surgery is having major building works carried out so we had to go to a branch surgery which is about a 40 minute drive away. This morning we took Mrs Miggins boys for their 2nd vaccination, health check and microchip, as expected all was well with them and they all purred continuously through the examination,  vaccination and even when they were skewered with the huge microchip needle!

Then Spirit and Tiffany were brought in so they could be weighed and have their pre meds, it was quite interesting to note their weights as neither of them have needed veterinary treatment since they were pups so I had always guestimated their weights, Tiffany is a very petit 17kg, Spirit is a bigger girl and weighed just over 20kg. I would class both of them as a good weight for their size, yet if I were to go by the charts in the vets waiting area it tells me that a standard poodle bitch should weigh 29kg!!!

I had decided to spay Spirit and Tiffany as Spirit is now 8 years old and will not be having any more pups, Tiffany has never had puppies which in many ways is a real...

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