R.I.P Dollar 27.06.2006 - 13.04.2018

Today I had to say goodbye to the most beautiful, gentle, people loving poodle I have ever had the honour of owning.
Dollar came to me when she was approx 5 months old, she was a show kennels reject and my best friend. Right from the start Dollar adored people, she insisted that anyone she met made a fuss of her, over the years she honed this skill so that even on a walk she would get attention from all that crossed her path as she would calmly approach people and then stand across their path so that they couldn't get past her without some form of contact. So many people that we met regularly on our walk refer to her as 'my girl' she just knew how to make them feel like they were special.

Dollar really never put a foot wrong, she was a bit of a counter surfer, she would chase the cats if they ran in the garden but other than that I can only really think of one time when she was actually naughty. That was a year or two ago, on a poodle meet that I had organised at Saunton Sands. Dollar, who had never ever chased a horse in her life, suddenly decided to completely show me up in front of a large group of fellow poodle owners by taking chase when a rider passed us. She ran, flat out,...

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