Lots of pictures!

The monsters inc litter are just over 8 weeks old now and are living up to their name, they are monsters!

We had a fantastic few hours at my favourite beach last week where we met up with a good friend and her 4 standard poodles.

 Dime is 5 1/2 weeks pregnant at the time of this pic being taken and you can see that she is starting to fill out now :)

After an initial tough start Beetle has now settled into motherhood, her boobs are no longer engorged and this has made a huge difference to her being able to enjoy her babies. We have had to remove the litter tray from Beetles environment because she keeps taking one kitten (varies as to which one she picks) from the nest to the tray and once there she lays down to nurse that kitten ignoring the one in the nest. Without the tray she is happily nursing her kittens in her bed.

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