A couple of updates

Beetles kittens are well and truly up and running, all 3 are super friendly and very confident. The weather was lovely today so we took them into the garden for a couple of pictures. Fawlty came to check them out, but decided not to hang about, possibly worried about being stung for child maintenance payments!

Whoopi's recovery is proving to be nothing short of miraculous. Her most recent xrays show that she is healing very well. Although she still circles to the right, every day we see a slight improvement.  She will be going to see the specialist in a couple of weeks and we expect that surgery to fully stabilise the neck will be the next step. She is one hell of a puppy. 

Meanwhile the other dogs are still needing time and attention, they are all still getting their usual walks and Florin is continuing her trick training. This week she learnt how to ring a bell, took her less than 2 minutes to work out what she had to do, smart pup :) 


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