Chunk Update



Yesterday, we shared a picture of a dog that we wanted to try to rescue from NYC’s public shelter. Well, we did it!

We’ve renamed him Chunk! We will be picking him up from the shelter in about an hour, and bringing him to our vet for quarantine since he is very sick.

However, we are still looking for a foster home, or better yet, an adopter for this handsome guy! He’s also very ill, and will need considerable medical care. If you can, please consider making a donation online towards his care.

Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days Success


Two weeks ago, we participated in the Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days, the biggest free pet adoption event in America. The goal was to place hundreds of dogs and cats in qualified forever homes on June 1 & 2. We were very successful, having seven dogs adopted within those two days.

Join us in wishing well to these pups as they continue their lives in wonderful forever homes!


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Happy St. Pitties Day Everyone!

From Frankie May, Helena, Tristan, John, Andrew, Josh and Jennifer!

Happy St. Pitties Day

Special thanks to our friend Madeline for the great graphic!

And The Great News Continues…

John Adopted

After nearly two months since we rescued him, Bully Project‘s older gentleman John is finally home!

And what a home it is! His new mom is a very experienced dog owner, and pit bull owner. In fact, John is now a member of a small pack that includes an older, petite female pittie named Violet! When they met, it was like they’d known each other all their lives. It was beautiful to see them both get some pep in the steps and play with each other, but also just relax together.

We were so worried that no one would want an older pittie like John, and after only one application which ended up not panning out, we got really concerned. Despite being an absolutely amazing dog, his age was definitely working against him. But through a sheer stroke of luck, John’s information and pictures got into the hands of the right person who could see him for what he is: the absolute cream of the crop. Congratulations John, and Violet and your new family! We wish you a wonderful life together!


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3 Years!

Today marks 3 years since I adopted Lucy.

Lucy on the day she became Josh's One

Lucy on the day she became Josh’s One

I always tell people that adopting a dog is the second best decision I have ever made. They ask: “What’s the first?” And I explain that it is getting my own apartment so that I could adopt a dog! Lucy has made my day-to-day life better in so many ways, but most importantly, that through the redundancy and stress of it all, I can come home to her everyday and just have fun tossing a ball around. Life becomes simple because all it is really is “a boy and his dog.”


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What is John Up To?

John has been living the high life at a beautiful doggy daycare facility in NJ.This weekend, we visited him and brought some new friends. Take a look at him showing off his skills:
John adores his caretakers at the daycare. Every time one of them came into the room, he left what he was doing to give them a warm welcome! Although we are not fans of pulling a dog and just putting him in boarding, we knew John would do well at this great place. During the days, he has other doggy friends he plays with and hangs with the staff. (That’s a lot nicer that some family dogs!)
We also wanted to give John a special treat from our biggest supporter, Barbara. She participated in our end of year fundraising raffle and won the Perfect Pittie Package. Her dogs were not interested in the pitbull pacifier from Acadia Antlers, and she wanted John to have it instead. He loved it!
Thanks to all of John’s caretakers and admirers

Our Happy Accident

Meet Serendipity!



This past weekend, Jennifer got a call from one of her local friends, who also happens to be a rescuer. She had found a small white and grey pit bull walking loose on Jennifer’s street. One of the superintendents of one of the apartment buildings agreed to hold on to her for a short while until someone could take her and help her. So, off we went to meet the dog to see what we could do. Little did we know, we were about to meet one of the sweetest dogs we’ve ever had under the Bully Project umbrella.


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The Terriers Had A One Night Stand



I went to the dog park with the two terriers and a cup of coffee and returned with the terriers and a fluffy! Meet Nameless:

This boy was going to be abandoned by his dad AT the dog run. A family member told him he couldn’t just do that,  at least give him to a person.


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Our Fifth Pack Walk!

This past Sunday, we had our fifth pack walk with the Big Apple Pittie Pack! With 16 dogs, this was our largest turn out yet, and we couldn’t have been more excited. Lucy, Pinky and Bird all came along for the walk and we had dogs of all shapes and sizes, and everyone seemed to get along great. We walked along the Bridle Path in Central Park, around the reservoir, which gave us some beautiful views of both the east and west side of Manhattan, and the reservoir itself.

My favorite moment of the walk was when we passed an older couple walking in the opposite direction. The man in the couple stopped me and said, “Are you all going to a dog convention or something?”


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Just What the Doctor Ordered

Paige’s Eye

We went from being a happy, relatively healthy household to a pharmacy in the span of one day. I don’t know what happened exactly – I just knew that I was having some foot pain, and Paige had some concerning eye irritation so I made doctors’ appointments for the both of us.

First up was Paige. As each day progressed, her right eye would get more and more red and swollen. It would get very watery and she would try to scratch at it at night.

It’s not the clearest picture, but I think you get the idea. Along with that, she was scratching a couple of select spots on her belly, so I figured we could have it all checked out at once. I hoped that all it boiled down to was a seasonal allergy. So off we went to our friends at City Veterinary Care. The vet did a full run down – which was great since Paige hasn’t had a check up since we got her. And we got great news: she’s as sturdy as an ox.


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Chester Update

Posing for the camera

Recently, we got to spend a little bit more time with Bully Project‘s adoptable boy, Chester. He was previously living in Upstate New York, but has since become a city boy! So, we took some time to hang out and snap some pictures!

During our time with him, we ran into some dogs, which Chester just loves:


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John is the very embodiment of the term “gentle giant.” Rescued from Brooklyn Animal Care & Control, at 58 pounds, John cuts an imposing figure to someone unfamiliar with him. But beyond that burly exterior is a mushball through and through. When it comes time for petting and hugs, “I’m busy, John,” just doesn’t compute. He will put his beautiful strong snout under your hand and nestle into your arm. His soft blue eyes will close halfway with sheer delight at being loved, and he will give a long contented sigh, as he slips into a deep sleep with his head on your lap.


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And Just As We Always Knew…

It truly does take a village to rescue a dog! We learned this early this year whenOur Waldo Bungie helped to save a beautiful pittie girl named Kimba. But we learned it again first hand as Bully Project‘s Toasty went from shelter dog to beloved family pet in just under three weeks. That’s right, folks: Toasty is adopted!

Nearly a month ago, we got an email from our good friend Mazzie’s mom fromMazzie Takes Manhattan. She had seen a pocket pittie named Nena at an Animal Care & Control adoption event hosted by Fenwick Keats, a real estate agency in her neighborhood. She just couldn’t get Nena out of her head, and the thought of Nena languishing in the shelter was too much for her. “Would Bully Project be willing to rescue her?” she asked.


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Wallace: A Synonym for Inspiration

“…his goal was not to hide the true attributes of a pit bull – the dogs tend to be strong and athletic and energetic – it was to make them acceptable as they were. To show people that despite what they had heard and what the dogs could be manipulated to do, the breed was capable of greater things.”

-Jim Gorant, Wallace

Jim Gorant is incredibly eloquent, isn’t he? Last week, I literally blew through his new book Wallace, about the now famous disc dog of the same name who faced seemingly insurmountable odds simply because he is a pit bull. And, as with Gorant’s first book, The Lost Dogs, I think there is a lot all dog owners could learn from Wallace.

Wallace’s story begins with a series of unfortunate events, resulting in him becoming the canine pariah of the no-kill animal shelter where he’d ended up. While there, Roo & Clara Yori, who eventually became Wallace’s forever family, fought for him to get the chance they felt he so deserved. And after an incredible amount of work, effort and time, they develop Wallace’s “flaws” into strengths, working with the dog to turn him into a world champion disc dog. The brilliant side effect of their hard work is that they created an icon for the pit bull loving community; a dog that could represent the breed on a national level to show how wonderful they could really be.


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Announcement: Bully Project’s October Classes!

We’re so excited to finally be getting back into doing our free training classes for pit bull-type dogs now that we have an indoor space!

Earlier this month, our program was featured in the NY Daily News, and we got a huge response! We got over 20 emails asking for information about our upcoming classes, and at that point, we didn’t have any information to share. We were still on the hunt for an indoor space. So we started a waiting list, essentially. We wanted to be able to provide help to those people who expressed interest in it, but we couldn’t offer them anything definite at that time.

So what does this mean? Well, Bully Project‘s October manners classes arealready full. Because of space limitations, we can only accept six students into this series of classes. But that does not mean you can’t sign up to be on our waiting list. We will continue to use this list for the foreseeable future and will extend invitations to students as each series of classes is scheduled.

Click here to register for the waiting list.

The sooner you sign up on our waiting list, the sooner we will be able to accommodate you in one of our classes. So do it today.

Most Irritating Animal TV Segment Ever?

This week is National Dog Week – an occasion that is always celebrated on Live with Kelly and Michael. Everyday, they show pictures of viewers’ dogs and have one segment each day dedicated to sharing information about dog adoption, ownership and care. Overall, it’s pretty great, and consistently advocates for animal rescue, considering Kelly adopted her dog from the North Shore Animal League five years ago.

But this past Tuesday’s segment appalled me, for lack of a better word. Watch it here. Then, when you’ve finished watching the video, continue reading.

The segment featured Dr. Karen “Doc” Halligan, who has been on the show several times, as well as having written several books and works at the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Los Angeles (spcaLA). I provide this information to show you that “Doc” is a very accomplished, and respected, veterinarian – as she should be, she’s done lots of great work and provided lots of a great information. I’m sure many people turn to her on regular basis for advice about their pets, as I do with my vet. However, her showing on this segment was probably not her best. What went wrong?

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What Liberty Did On Her Summer Vacation

Hi! My name is Alexis M. and I am 12 years old. I am writing about my rescue dog named Liberty. Liberty is a very special dog: she has brought happiness to our family, we love the way she plays fetch and takes treats from your hand so gently. When she wants to give kisses, she puts her paws on your shoulders when you kneel down.

This summer has been very fun. We took Liberty to our family and friends’ block parties and barbecues. Our family and friends love Liberty because she is so friendly. Liberty loves to cuddle, especially at night when she rolls over on her back putting her paws on my head while I’m rubbing her stomach.

Liberty loves to go for long walks with us. We also take her to the park to play with other dogs. She is very friendly with other dogs. I personally think I could have never recovered from losing my other dog, but Liberty has helped fill that void.


Separation Anxiety

Josh & Lucy

Those are two pretty scary words, huh? Separation anxiety can be one of the toughest issues to handle with a doggie companion. It can result in destruction of crates, furniture and more and cause some serious harm. Not only that, but it requires a lot of patience, understanding and dedication on the part of the owner. But what happens when it’s not the dog who’s experiencing the separation anxiety, but the human?

You see, I have a vacation coming up; a trip that’s going to be lots of fun and honestly, very much needed. Some time away might be exactly what this aching body needs. But what does one do when he’s stressed out about leaving his beloved dog at home?


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Letters from Lucy

American Staffordshire Terrier

Hi everyone! Lucy here!

About two weeks ago, Dad started chasing me around the house with a little, white plastic…brush thing! At first I thought he was trying to put doggie mascara on me, and I said, “Dad, my eyelashes are long enough! I don’t need mascara!” And then he stuck the thing in my mouth, which really confused me! Who puts mascara in their mouth?

He twirled the little thing around a bit and it tickled the inside of my cheek – I didn’t like it very much, and once Dad was done, I ran as far away from him as I could. No more mascara in this pittie’s mouth, thank you very much!

But then he came back to me – WITH ANOTHER LITTLE BRUSHY THING! SO MEAN! He stuck this one in my mouth, too, and twirled it around some more. Well. I was so not happy with him that I sat down on the other side of the room and ignored him all night long. But he said, “Now, Lucy, I want to know what breeds show up in your DNA. It’ll be fun!” I was just happy the whole ordeal was over, to be honest.


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The Rest of Lucy

At the end of last week, my little girl Lucy shared her big news that she’s actually a Great Mini Pyramstadoodlier. But she neglected to fill you in on some of the details. That goofball.

We had a lot of fun finding out Lucy’s breed make-up, but in the long run, does it really matter? I love Lucy no matter what I think she is, know she is, or want her to be. The Wisdom Panel test was really just something I did to have a laugh, and because I found it for a great price on Amazon. So when we found out that 3 of Lucy’s ancestors were American Staffordshire Terrier, Great Pyrenees and Miniature Poodle, we giggled and shared the news, but it didn’t really impact our lives very much. After all, there were still 5 other Great-Grandparents that were simply notated by this image:

The bottom line of the test results were this: Lucy is just a big old mixed breed.


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Bully Project Needs A Home

Lots of pitties and nowhere to go!

Bully Project has become a victim of our own success! Classes have been fully booked and often a second class is needed. After a year of offering free, outdoor classes in the same neighborhood, we are realizing an indoor space is needed. Not only will it benefit the teams in our four-week manners classes, it will allow Bully Project to offer specialized classes such as Nosework and Frisbee.

Should be easy, right? A free dog training program that benefits both dog owners and the community (training helps to keep dogs out of shelters, less dog bites, etc) should be a win/win for everyone. Churches and community groups should be lining up to partner with us, right? Nope!

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StubbyDog’s Superheros

In just one week, voting will close on StubbyDog’s Superhero Squad selection process. Here’s some background for those of you who may not know what that is: On July 30, 2012, StubbyDog announced this new initiative which would bring together an “extraordinary crew of certified therapy dogs [who] are on a mission to win hearts and change minds.” They shared their message far and wide, inviting pit bull-type dogs from across the US to submit themselves for consideration to join this group of elite dogs. Nearly a month later, the shortlist of nominees were announced – and today, we’d like to share them all with you, and encourage you to vote for your favorites! Teams are listed in alphabetical order.

1) Big Mama Jubilee and her Sidekick, Amy, who’s not only a therapy dog with Pet Partners, but is also an awesome Frisbee dog and is working towards her first Rally Obedience Title! You can learn more about Big Mama Jubilee on her Facebook Page.


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Letters from Lucy: Help Us Win $1500!!

Hey everyone! Lucy here! Dad enlisted me to tell you about a little contest he submitted his little bloggie in. It’s called Bloggers for GOOD.

The competition calls for bloggers to use their platforms to create positive social impact. People then vote on which blog they like best feel does this most effectively. Well, I like to think my little letters here do a pretty darn good job! Don’t they help you see how we pitties can be wonderful pets like every other doggie out there?

Over the almost one year that Dad has been bringing in friends for me to play, we’ve been recording our experiences on here, from the fun:


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Right Place. Right Time.


Puppies! Who doesn’t love puppies?  And if you’re a rescue, pups are easy, right?

The internet is a big tease! When Josh happened upon a Facebook post for a puppy being rehomed in New Jersey, he took the bait. After seeing this pic, how couldn’t he?


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Thank You StubbyDog!

“For what?” you might be thinking. Well, for so many things that we can’t even possibly list them all here. But most specifically, we have to thank StubbyDog for being hugely supportive of the work we’ve been doing here on That Touch of Pitand with Bully Project.

You see, today they just posted our big, loving Daisy Mae as one of their “Rescue Dogs of the Week,” and we can’t be more grateful for that. In the past, they have also selected That Touch of Pit foster dog My Boy Bill, and Bully Project adoptable Paige as “Rescue Dogs” as well. And, in fact, the wonderful family who adopted My Boy Bill initially saw him on StubbyDog!

But overall, StubbyDog represents everything that we all believe in – and that’swhat really counts here. Their mission of helping “people rediscover pit bulls as lifelong friends,” is central to the work that we are all doing. So for that, StubbyDog, we thank you.

In appreciation, we ask that you all swing over to Stubby’s Store and check out their amazing t-shirts, including this new one:

And Then There Were Two…

Earlier this week, we announced the little Eli is no longer available for adoptionthrough Bully Project, and that he was now an Animal Farm Foundation dog, by the name of Rhinestone Cowboy.

Well, we have some more big news: Liberty is adopted! Our initially shy little girl from Manhattan’s Animal Care & Control is now the best kind of dog out there: a beloved family pet!


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Must Love Dogs

Lucy, Me & Lola

So, obviously dogs are a big part of my life. Not only do I live with two (one of which is always a temporary resident, but a resident nonetheless), but I see at least 10 others are a regular basis in training classes, several others on a daily basis in the neighborhood, and manage the lives of one or two others who are living in other Bully Project foster homes. So when I meet new people, I feel it’s only appropriate to start off with the fact that they “must love dogs.”

My dogs are a huge part of my life – I never imagined that the bonds I would form with all of them would transcend everything else I knew. So when new people (friends or otherwise) get added to the mix, I automatically think, “Will they like Lucy? How could they not? I love Lucy!”


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