The Rest of Lucy

At the end of last week, my little girl Lucy shared her big news that she’s actually a Great Mini Pyramstadoodlier. But she neglected to fill you in on some of the details. That goofball.

We had a lot of fun finding out Lucy’s breed make-up, but in the long run, does it really matter? I love Lucy no matter what I think she is, know she is, or want her to be. The Wisdom Panel test was really just something I did to have a laugh, and because I found it for a great price on Amazon. So when we found out that 3 of Lucy’s ancestors were American Staffordshire Terrier, Great Pyrenees and Miniature Poodle, we giggled and shared the news, but it didn’t really impact our lives very much. After all, there were still 5 other Great-Grandparents that were simply notated by this image:

The bottom line of the test results were this: Lucy is just a big old mixed breed.


The second page of her results had further proof of this fact, showing five more breeds that “could have contributed to the genetic makeup of the ancestors indicated by the mixed breed icon.” Some of them are to be expected and others are not.

Lucy’s Breeds

So, really, after the test we’re at the same place, identity-wise, that we were before, and that’s just fine by us. This just allows us to rely more heavily on the idea that all dogs are individuals, and regardless of what breed they are genetically, or what category of dog they fit based on appearance, we still have to understand each of them for their own unique traits. I had a lot of fun doing the DNA test, and Lucy certainly had a hoot telling you all about it, too. But more importantly, I’m happy to have such an amazing dog that with whom I have formed an irreplaceable bond.