Separation Anxiety

Josh & Lucy

Those are two pretty scary words, huh? Separation anxiety can be one of the toughest issues to handle with a doggie companion. It can result in destruction of crates, furniture and more and cause some serious harm. Not only that, but it requires a lot of patience, understanding and dedication on the part of the owner. But what happens when it’s not the dog who’s experiencing the separation anxiety, but the human?

You see, I have a vacation coming up; a trip that’s going to be lots of fun and honestly, very much needed. Some time away might be exactly what this aching body needs. But what does one do when he’s stressed out about leaving his beloved dog at home?


The stars just don’t seem to be aligning for pet care for this trip. Our regular dogsitter isn’t available. Guess what? Neither is the back up dogsitter. What’s worse? The only doggie daycare facility I trust: fully booked. I mean, as if I already didn’t have trust issues with other people taking care of my sweet, little Lucy: remember the story of that little car accident that happened while I was out of town?

Lucy’s Permanent Scar

Fortunately for me, I’ve still got a few weeks to work this out, but what’s a guy to do? How do you handle your separation issues when you have to be far away from your pet? Even if your pet has reliable care, do you still stress out the way I do, and want to call home every five minutes to check in? Am I just being a little overbearing absolutely insane? Help, please! How do you train a human not to have separation anxiety?!