What Liberty Did On Her Summer Vacation

Hi! My name is Alexis M. and I am 12 years old. I am writing about my rescue dog named Liberty. Liberty is a very special dog: she has brought happiness to our family, we love the way she plays fetch and takes treats from your hand so gently. When she wants to give kisses, she puts her paws on your shoulders when you kneel down.

This summer has been very fun. We took Liberty to our family and friends’ block parties and barbecues. Our family and friends love Liberty because she is so friendly. Liberty loves to cuddle, especially at night when she rolls over on her back putting her paws on my head while I’m rubbing her stomach.

Liberty loves to go for long walks with us. We also take her to the park to play with other dogs. She is very friendly with other dogs. I personally think I could have never recovered from losing my other dog, but Liberty has helped fill that void.