And Just As We Always Knew…

It truly does take a village to rescue a dog! We learned this early this year whenOur Waldo Bungie helped to save a beautiful pittie girl named Kimba. But we learned it again first hand as Bully Project‘s Toasty went from shelter dog to beloved family pet in just under three weeks. That’s right, folks: Toasty is adopted!

Nearly a month ago, we got an email from our good friend Mazzie’s mom fromMazzie Takes Manhattan. She had seen a pocket pittie named Nena at an Animal Care & Control adoption event hosted by Fenwick Keats, a real estate agency in her neighborhood. She just couldn’t get Nena out of her head, and the thought of Nena languishing in the shelter was too much for her. “Would Bully Project be willing to rescue her?” she asked.


We couldn’t say yes without meeting Nena first, so off we went to ACC. And after just a few minutes of hanging out with Nena, we knew she deserved much more than spending her remaining days (however many there were) at the public shelter. So we made all the arrangements, and went out to celebrate our newest rescue at nearby restaurant called Toast – which became our new girl’s namsake, as we renamed her Toasty.

The next day, Mazzie’s mom went to collect Toasty from the shelter and transport her to her new digs at West Village Veterinary Hospital, where Toasty would be put in isolation to recover from her kennel cough. While there, Toasty got the royal treatment: attention from the vet techs, daily walks from Mazzie’s mom, her assistant and close friends, close medical care and tons of love. She won over the entire staff very quickly, with one of the vet techs even making a personal call to a friend of hers who she knew was looking to adopt a new dog. This friend lived in Massachusetts though. Would they want to come all the way to New York just to meet a dog that they may not even like upon meeting her?

Well, thanks to videos and photos taken by the staff of the vet hospital, the family was convinced that Toasty was worth the effort. We made arrangements for the potential adopters to come down to New York as soon as they could while we also made arrangements for Toasty’s new temporary home now that she was back to full health. Mazzie’s mom to the rescue again: she transported our girl to a beautiful, state-of-the-art daycare facility called Hounds on the Hudson. And yet again, Toasty won the hearts of everyone there and got the ultimate in doggy vacation experiences.

And then the big day came. Mazzie’s mom came with us to meet the family and introduce them to Toasty. And you can guess what happened next!

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We’re so grateful to everyone who helped made this story happen, as the outcome would not have been possible without everyone’s full participation. To the staffs of Fenwick Keats, West Village Veterinary Hospital and Hounds on the Hudson: thank you for supporting animal rescue. And most importantly, to Mazzie’s mom (who not only helped with every bit of this rescue but also fundraised enough money to cover Toasty’s expenses and then some): you are a beacon of hope and a true hero in this rescue community. We are eternally grateful to you.

And to Bella: enjoy your beautiful new life!