Our Fifth Pack Walk!

This past Sunday, we had our fifth pack walk with the Big Apple Pittie Pack! With 16 dogs, this was our largest turn out yet, and we couldn’t have been more excited. Lucy, Pinky and Bird all came along for the walk and we had dogs of all shapes and sizes, and everyone seemed to get along great. We walked along the Bridle Path in Central Park, around the reservoir, which gave us some beautiful views of both the east and west side of Manhattan, and the reservoir itself.

My favorite moment of the walk was when we passed an older couple walking in the opposite direction. The man in the couple stopped me and said, “Are you all going to a dog convention or something?”


“We’re just a dog walking group,” I replied.

“Well, those are some great looking dogs!”

And we finally got a good picture of Lucy and Pinky together:

Check out the slideshow of photos from the walk:


We’d also like to give a huge shout out to our friends, Our Waldo Bungie, who graciously created our brand new logo for the Big Apple Pittie Pack: