What is John Up To?

John has been living the high life at a beautiful doggy daycare facility in NJ.This weekend, we visited him and brought some new friends. Take a look at him showing off his skills:
John adores his caretakers at the daycare. Every time one of them came into the room, he left what he was doing to give them a warm welcome! Although we are not fans of pulling a dog and just putting him in boarding, we knew John would do well at this great place. During the days, he has other doggy friends he plays with and hangs with the staff. (That’s a lot nicer that some family dogs!)
We also wanted to give John a special treat from our biggest supporter, Barbara. She participated in our end of year fundraising raffle and won the Perfect Pittie Package. Her dogs were not interested in the pitbull pacifier from Acadia Antlers, and she wanted John to have it instead. He loved it!
Thanks to all of John’s caretakers and admirers