And Then There Were Two…

Earlier this week, we announced the little Eli is no longer available for adoptionthrough Bully Project, and that he was now an Animal Farm Foundation dog, by the name of Rhinestone Cowboy.

Well, we have some more big news: Liberty is adopted! Our initially shy little girl from Manhattan’s Animal Care & Control is now the best kind of dog out there: a beloved family pet!


About two weeks ago, we got an email inquiry from Philip who had seen Liberty on Adopt NY – a great new website database of animals available through New York City rescues and shelters. He and his family were very interested in meeting Liberty, but they had a vacation coming up – would they be able to meet her if she was still available when they returned?

“Uh, duh!” was essentially what we wrote back. And that’s exactly what happened. Once they returned, we received a follow up email from Philip and we arranged a meeting, where we learned a lot about Liberty’s wonderful new family. Philip and his wife, and their two kids, had previously owned two pitties – the last one passed away at only four years old from a sudden onset of cancer. It was heartbreaking for the family, but life without a dog simply wasn’t an option.

Liberty and her new Dad, Philip

So when they saw Liberty, the urge to meet her was simply too great. And once they met her, the urge to adopt her was even greater. The first comment they made was that she looked very similar to their last dog, and as we were departing from that initial meet & greet, we noticed their daughter seemed emotional. When asking if she was alright, the answer we got was that she wanted to take Liberty home that day.

Well, two days later, she was allowed to do just that!

Liberty with her new sister and brother

Congratulations Liberty! We’re so thrilled to have been a part of your journey to your forever home. We love you little one! Now on to getting our other two girls homes…

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