Right Place. Right Time.


Puppies! Who doesn’t love puppies?  And if you’re a rescue, pups are easy, right?

The internet is a big tease! When Josh happened upon a Facebook post for a puppy being rehomed in New Jersey, he took the bait. After seeing this pic, how couldn’t he?


Sometimes things fall into place, and after many conversations (and in these instances, they are all the same, aren’t they?), it was decided the puppy’s family was overwhelmed and had no idea how much work a now ten week old puppy was! So, our friend and Bully Project volunteer, Dan offered agreed to foster this pup since he lived in the same neighborhood. Bingo! Easy peasy! Not so easy. We already had three adult dogs in our care, despite the fact that Bully Project started out with a “one dog at a time,” rule.

Dan named this adorable pup Eli and he picked him up. And he was an awesome foster parent. Check out Eli practicing sit and high-five on his first night at Dan’s.


When Dan had to go on a work trip, our lead trainer, Ann, took the young lad. It was the perfect situation since behaviors we were suspecting due to Eli being removed from his litter at only six weeks old rang true. He was a very pushy puppy. Even Dan’s super social playing machine, Revis, had no interest in the young tyke. Ann’s dogs felt the same way. We agreed this pup needed a committed owner who would agree to join playgroups and puppy classes (maybe multiple ones).

And then, divine intervention! Ann was making a trip to one of our favorite places. She was bringing Eli along for the ride. Who knew? Maybe they would take him into their program! It would be a win-win for everyone. Puppies there get lots of socialization with dogs of all temperaments and personalities. And, rumor has it, most staff foster dogs at night.

I can’t believe I was wishing a shelter would take a pup from our rescue, but I was. Animal Farm Foundation is the absolute perfect place for this pup. Staff, enrichment and lots of expertise. Could we have fostered, adopted out, and followed up on Eli? Absolutely!  But taking Eli (now Rhinestone Cowboy) out of our new foursome allowed us to concentrate on fostering, marketing and adopting out Liberty, Hunny and Daisy Mae. I think you’ll agree we made the right decision later this week!

Eli and Daisy Mae

So long Eli! We know you’re going to have an amazing time at Animal Farm Foundation and they’re going to help get you into one of the best homes a pittie could ever ask for!