StubbyDog’s Superheros

In just one week, voting will close on StubbyDog’s Superhero Squad selection process. Here’s some background for those of you who may not know what that is: On July 30, 2012, StubbyDog announced this new initiative which would bring together an “extraordinary crew of certified therapy dogs [who] are on a mission to win hearts and change minds.” They shared their message far and wide, inviting pit bull-type dogs from across the US to submit themselves for consideration to join this group of elite dogs. Nearly a month later, the shortlist of nominees were announced – and today, we’d like to share them all with you, and encourage you to vote for your favorites! Teams are listed in alphabetical order.

1) Big Mama Jubilee and her Sidekick, Amy, who’s not only a therapy dog with Pet Partners, but is also an awesome Frisbee dog and is working towards her first Rally Obedience Title! You can learn more about Big Mama Jubilee on her Facebook Page.


2) Bodacious and Therese. Bodacious is only one of five amazing pitties who are all registered as Therapy dogs. Check out the Patch O’ Pits Therapy Dogs on Facebook for more info.

3) Buddy and Barbara are the first pit bull-type therapy dog team to ever work inCHOC Children’s Hospital. Hopefully not the last!


4) Captain Cowpants and Melissa. Possibly the best name of all the Superhero nominees, Cappy (as he’s known to his close friends) is a Therapy Dog with Pet Partners, and a complete goofball. Learn more on his Facebook Page.


5) Elle and Leah are a Therapy Dog team from North Carolina. Among her therapy work, she inspired a reading-to-dogs program in her local community. You can check her our on Facebook as well.

6) Frankie, I’m a lover not a fighter and Teresa are next, and based on his video submission, he’s clearly yearning to be Super Frankie! Like him on Facebook here.


7) Gigi and Stephanie are a Therapy Dog team extraordinaire from California!

8) Jeffrey and Michele. Jeffrey was rescued from Manhattan Animal Care & Control and named after then volunteer and Adopt NY co-founder, Jeff Latzer, and is now a therapy dog through Pet Partners, too.

9) Kandie and Kelly hail from Sandy, Utah and strive to “be the voice for & to give back to such a fantastic breed of dog!”


10) Lily and Debra. Lily specializes in therapy work involving children, including the R.E.A.D. program and weekly sessions at a pediatric therapy clinic. Read more about her story on Facebook.

11) Peaches and Emily live in Michigan and do tons therapy work throughTherapy Dogs Incorporated. Read all about her on her Facebook Page.


12) Peaches and Jennifer. This second Peaches is a therapy dog through Therapy Dogs International, and her “favorite thing is to snuggle with patients in bed” at a local nursing home. Read more about the Wonder Pit on Facebook.

13) Rocco and Valerie. In 3 years, Rocco “has obtained 2 therapy dog certificates, a CGC and he has been in 2 calendars and 1 magazine.”

14) Rou and Callie. Rou’s video speaks for itself: look at how focused and calm he is with his sidekick. They make a fantastic Canine Therapy Corps team!


15) (Big) Sal and Jackie have been a Pet Partners team for 11 years, and do volunteer work and advocacy with and BAD RAP.

16) Skyler and Celene have traveled across the entire country showing how wonderful pit bulls can be!


17) Stevie and Jen. Stevie the Wonder Dog hasn’t let his blindness keep him down – he’s a Pet Partners therapy dog in Utah! Learn about his work on Facebook.


18) T-Bone and Karen. T-Bone is “just a big goofy boy who really just wants to make you smile. “


19) Touche and Therese – the second entry from the Patch O’ Pits Therapy Dogsof New Jersey.

So this Labor Day weekend, get voting on who you think should be the StubbyDog Superheros!