Tales From A Terrier (The Scruffy Kind)

I love to get out of the city. Makes sense since I am from Texas originally. This past weekend, Mom, my brand-new friend, Jake, and his mom hopped on Metro North (they allow well-behaved dogs, how cool is THAT?) and went to a beautiful little town called Beacon.

Bird and her new friend Jake (new brother to Alice)

Why is it so beautiful? Not just because it’s by the river and quaint, but because they LOVE dogs. They love dogs so much that they host a great day called Beacon Barks. That’s right, for a whole day, the town goes DOG. Since we were traveling from the city, we missed the big parade but we did manage to see some of the left-over contestants. Check out this most-patient Lab (don’t you love that his head halter matches his dots?!):


Even though we were SO far away from home, we saw our friend Dot! We love her because she has a little dogs AND a pitbull named Harley. Apparently, Mom played a part as matchmaker when Dot and her husband adopted the pittie puppy. Dot can handle the little ones and the big guys, since she is one of our local dog trainers. Check out her dog Chloe, who is sporting a Thundershirt:

Chloe showing off her thundershirt

 Then, I thought I was looking at a circus mirror! Looks just like me but shorter and wider! Check out this dog!

Bird's Look-alike

Mom was super excited to see the peeps from Animal Farm Foundation. We got to meet two super dogs for adoption, Gia and Mugsy. Gia was working the crowd so Mom didn’t snap a pic but here is Mugsy doing a good job mugging for the camera:


And I sorta got nervous when I thought I saw a pig. I said, “It can’t be a pig – this Beacon Barks not Beacon Oinks!” As we got closer and my mom asked some questions, we realized we were meeting a star. Cuda is pittie that has some congenital problems including fused vertebrae. Although she looks like she isn’t, her mom told us that Cuda is totally healthy and happy. She just looks more like a piggie than a pittie. There was also a cool Kissing Booth to help raise money for the Beacon Dog Park. Check out this sweet sweet girl:



From pomeranians to pitbulls, there were tons of lovely dogs. Check it out for yourself!