Does the breed really matter?


I assume I’m not the only one who is constantly asked, “What breed is your dog mixed with?”

I get this question at least once a day, but usually as a follow-up to: “What breed is your dog?” When I answer, “A pit bull mix,” that question immediately follows. And honestly, sometimes I wish I could ignore it. I love my dogs, no matter what their breed make-up is, so that question, and its answer, are completely inconsequential to me.

Regardless, I still answer, and I usually tell them something to this effect: “I don’t really know, she was found as a stray and I never spent the money to officially find out.” But part of me wonders why it really matters to them. For the most part, the inquisitor is a complete stranger, and we’ll most likely never see each other again. They like my dog well enough to pay attention to her, pet her, let her lick them – the whole works. So why can’t they just like my dog for the dog that she is and leave well enough alone?


On the other hand, I sometimes love when they ask me what breed she is, because she’s such a great ambassador for pit bull type dogs. It gives me the opportunity, everyday, to change someone’s perspective; it opens up a conversation that allows Lucy’s new friend to accept her despite her breed’s bad reputation.

So I ask you again, readers, does the breed really matter? Is the real fact of the matter that we have great dogs, or do we, as humans, always have to categorize in order to make sense of things?