A Really Good Job

Exactly one month ago, Pinky whirled into my life, and to be perfectly honest: I didn’t think I was up to the task. Remember that first post I wrote about her: he Whirlwind Foster? Well, it wasn’t an exaggeration. She had, and has, so much energy. But she did not get adopted as quickly as I’d initially anticipated.

A sidewalk encounter yesterday showed me just how far she’s come in this past month. The neighborhoods in New York are just like neighborhoods anywhere else. In fact, sometimes I think we get to know the other people in our areas better than in suburban places simply because of the close proximity in which we all live.

There are several people now in Hell’s Kitchen who know me as “the guy with all the dogs.” I think they know I only have two at a time, but over the past few years, they have seen me walking at least 7 different dogs. They’ve gotten to know them all, and I’ve gotten to know them. It’s been quite…interesting.


There’s one woman who I see everyday. No joke. I’m always either walking Lucy or my foster. Well, last night, I was out walking Pinky and we happened to be chatting with someone on the sidewalk who stopped us because he saw Pinky’s Houndgear Adopt Me vest.

Pinky was on her utmost best behavior. Sitting on command, not trying to remove her Halti, and being the amazingly affectionate pittie that she always is. And my neighbor noticed. She noticed the difference in Pinky’s energy level, the difference in her obedience, and the difference in the manner in which she expressed her affection.

She stopped for a few minutes to chat with us, and the first (and last) thing she said was: “You’ve done a really good job.” I felt a kind of pride that doesn’t come very often, and a resurgence in confidence that Pinky will absolutely find the right home.