Letters from Lucy

Hi everyone! Lucy here.

Can you keep a secret?

Whenever Dad takes out the suitcase, I like to mope around the house and make it look like I’m sad that he’s going away. But I’m not. Because when Dad goes on vacation, Crazy Uncle Matt comes over to play!

I love, love, LOVE my crazy Uncle Matt and we have the best, best, BEST time. Dad even tells other people that I love Uncle Matt more than I love him.

So when Dad went to Disney World (I hear they have really big mice there! I would chase them all over the place!), I got to spend a whole week playing and snuggling with my most favorite second favorite person in the whole wide world.

Sometimes I feel bad that I have such a good time with Uncle Matt, but then I remember that Dad lets him stay with me for that exact reason. Matt makes me happy, I make him happy, and that makes Dad the most happy!