What’s In My BarkBox3


It’s BarkBox time! Woohoo! And this one’s a good one! (Don’t forget, if you like Barkbox and want to sign up for yourself, use this link and get $5 off your first subscription!)

We always have some Nature’s Miracle Odor Remover around the house (for those foster dogs who haven’t quite figured out the house training yet), but in this BarkBox, we got their (seemingly new) Freshening Spray.


Freshening Spray

If you’re anywhere as busy as I am on a day-to-day basis, this stuff is going to be very useful! Already opened and sprayed, Lucy smells delightful (not that she smells bad regularly), but it is a nice scent to have her wear as opposed to the “I-haven’t-had-a-bath-in-two-months” smell.

Then, we took out this awesome looking toy from Hyper Pet called the Flying Pig Slingshot Toy!

Flying Pig Slingshot Toy

According to the instructions, you launch the toy by putting one thumb into the snout and pull back on the body. It then shoots off into the distance and your dog chases after it. For dogs that love to fetch, this sounds like the perfect toy!

Then, oh boy, we got one of Lucy’s favorite things! A moose antler from Acadia Antlers!

Moose Taster Slice

I think there’s enough said on this one – Lucy can’t wait to get her paws on this!

Next, we got a sample sized pack of Milk-Bone’s Trail Mix treats.

Trail Mix

I use Milk-Bone treats all the time with my dogs – I’ve found it’s the perfect treat to use for crate training. It’s big enough that I can hold it through the side or top of the crate, and the dog can still get it from inside, they love the taste, and it doesn’t have anything harmful in it that will upset their stomachs. So, we’ll try out these treats and see how it goes!

And lastly, a special kind of treat: The Elvis from Bocce’s Bakery here in New York City!

The Elvis

Obviously flavored and named after The King’s favorite sandwich (with a little added protein for the doggies), this are going to be a huge hit with puppy as well as owner! They’re all natural, organic treats made with human-grade ingredients. Check out the ingredient list on these tasty morsels: “Organic Oat Flour, Banana, Peanut Butter, Nitrate-Free Turkey Bacon… that’s it!”