What’s In My BarkBox6

BarkBox Outside

It’s time for a new monthly feature here on the blog, and I think we’re going to have a lot of fun with this. A couple of week’s ago, I signed up for a new service called BarkBox. For a certain fee (in my case, $17 per month), you get a monthly delivery of specially chosen products for your dog! You don’t know what you’ll get until each delivery arrives. (Quick note – I was not asked to write a review of BarkBox nor am I receiving anything for doing so, I just thought it would be fun! However, if this is something you’d be interested in joining – you can use myreferral code JOBLY030 and get $5 off your order.) So, let’s play… What’s in my BarkBox?

So the first fun thing about BarkBox is that it actually arrives addressed to your pet. Since I am not home during the daytime, I have packages shipped to me at my office, so me and my coworkers had a huge laugh when Lucy received a package. It comes in a branded box, and they package everything comfortably in paper grass:


BarkBox Inside

Everyone who signs up for BarkBox gets a bright yellow rubber collar in their first delivery. It’s not really functional as it doesn’t have a d-ring to clip-on a leash or tags, but it’s cute nonetheless. It certainly pops out on Lucy’s dark brindle fur:

Lucy in her BarkBox collar

First out of the box was the Sqwuggie toy from Katie’s Bumpers. It’s an interactive toy with a handle so you can play tug, fetch or any number of things with your dog. It’s also water resistant, so you can take it pretty much anywhere.

Katie’s Bumpers Sqwuggie

Next up were some great, locally made liver treats from Charlie Chews! All of their treats are organic and natural – totally healthy and delicious. Lucy loves them!

Charlie Chews Liver Treats

Third, we got a portable water dispenser called the Gulpy! Funny thing is we just bought a product just like this one to use on our Big Apple Pittie Pack Walks – so we’ll bring this one along as well in case anyone needs some extra water.

Gulpy Water Bottle

Then we took out a small bottle of Cain & Able‘s hypoallergenic, conditioning shampoo. It’s specially formulated for dog’s with sensitive skin (ding! ding! ding!) and has a lovely, lavender fragrance. We were initially a bit disappointed that the bottle was so small (2 baths worth, max), but then we remembered that we only paid $17 for ALL OF THIS STUFF. We didn’t feel so bad after that.

Cain & Able Collection Hypoallergenic Shampoo

Lastly, we got a spiral bully stick from Best Bully Sticks. We’ll have to give this treat to a friend since bully sticks upset Lucy’s stomach – but waste not, want not! We know of a dog who will be thrilled to have this as a gift.

Best Bully Sticks’ Spiral Bully Stick

So for $17 – we definitely got our money’s worth and we had a fun time discovering our goodies and learning about these cool companies, most of which we hadn’t previously known. Did you have fun learning what’s in my BarkBox? Let us know! And remember, if you join BarkBox, put my referral code JOBLY030 in the coupon code field and you’ll get $5 off!