What’s In My BarkBox1


It’s that time again folks – we get the chance to learn about awesome new products for our pups! So, let’s play…What’s In My BarkBox?!

So one thing I didn’t notice about my BarkBox last month, but did this time around, are the super cute little comic drawings on both the outside and inside of the box. Is this new – does anyone know? The outer comic was something even I could relate to. Have you ever gotten up to go somewhere and when you’ve gotten there, you’ve completely forgotten why you went in the first place?


“I HATE when I forget why I’m barking.”

Isn’t that frustrating? The other cute comic is something I think any dog could relate to:

In fact, I think that is what Lucy was dreaming about last night. On to our goodies! This month’s theme for our BarkBox is summer-time products. First up in that vein is Farfetched‘s Soggy Paws Dog Towel.

Soggy Paws Dog Towel

When I first saw this product, I kind of giggles a little bit because it’s basically the same exact thing we all see Rachael Ray handle hot pots and pans with. It’s a towel sheet with a pocket at either end for your hands, so you can have more control over drying off your dog after a swim in the pool or lake, or just after bath time. Very clever – this will certainly be put to good use this summer as I try to teach Lucy how to swim.

Next up, some delicious doggy treats from Tumbleweed & Eddie’s:

Double Nut Super Boost Treats

These treats are completely, 100% all-natural! This is huge for dog owners whose pup has several food intolerances, like mine. It’s so great to look at a list of ingredients and know what every single one of them actually is, and that they’re all a-okay for your dog. These cookies have oat flour, ground peanuts, coconut oil, quinoa and flax. Heck – even I could eat them! And with Tumbleweed & Eddie’s, you never pay for shipping.

Third, we’ve got a toy that is similar to one that all of us doggie parents scramble for – Safemade‘s Gimme Gummy.

Gimme Gummy

It’s a hollow, rubbery toy that you can stuff with treats or food, just like the old reliable Kong. The coolest thing about this gummy bear, though, is that along with being freezer safe, it is also oven and dishwasher safe! Does anyone know if Kongs can do that?

I think this may be Lucy’s favorite BarkBox ever because, guess what, there’s another treat inside. This one comes from Mr. Barksmiths:

Cool Treat

And it’s all-natural, too! Yes! This prepackaged cup is ready to go right into the freezer and then into your dog’s belly. Delicious and cooling, great for hot days like today, when New York City is supposed to reach 97 degrees!

And lastly, MORE TREATS! These from our favorite dog treat company, Stella and Chewys!

Freeze Dried Food & Coupon

It’s the gift that keeps on giving – you get the food and then you can go buy more food for less than retail! Thanks BarkBox, for our starting our summer off right!