Puppy Love!



So Bully Project has now had two puppies in our care since beginning to rescue. The first one was nearly a year ago: remember Eli? The über-adorable black & white pittie with the diamond marking on the top of his head?

Eli was pushy little boy who was removed from his litter too soon, so all those basic manners that puppies learn from being with their siblings: he had none of them. He was appropriate around other dogs all the time and because of this, was too challenging a case for any of our then-foster homes to handle. Thankfully, we were able to transfer him to Animal Farm Foundation where he got all of the training that he needed to become a great family pet. He now lives in New York City again with a friend of ours.

Then more recently, we took in Fiona, the beautiful silver & white pittie with charm out the wazoo. Her calm demeanor and playful attitude, and her penchant for picking up on training very quickly, made her an ace in our book. But we knew she still needed some work, too: all puppies do! So off she went into foster care with our friend, and professional trainer, Dot. She grew in leaps and bounds, physically and mentally, and every time we saw her after time apart, we were amazed  by her progress. Sort of the opposite of Eli!


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We’re Headin’ Out to the ‘Burbs!


Come see us tomorrow at the Old Westbury Gardens Petco on Long Island! We’ll be joining Long Island Bulldog Rescue and Mid-Atlantic Bulldog Rescue out there to help spread some pittie love and get some doggies adopted!

We’ll definitely have Helena with us:


And also the beautiful Lala:


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John’s Trip to the ER

John at the vet post-sedation

John at the vet post-sedation

Two nights ago, I was awoken to the sound of intense, incessant licking coming from the foot of my bed. Since John is a bit older and not nearly as agile as Lucy, he has to sleep in his crate instead of on the bed with us. So I looked over the side and saw him, licking feverishly, at his dog bed. It was like the thing was covered in peanut butter (it wasn’t) and he was trying to scrape off every last bit of it.

The noises he was making were, well, gross. Slurping, snorting, huffing and puffing. It had to stop – it was 2am after all! So I got out of bed and went over to his crate and gently lifted his head to look at me. I gave him a couple of pats and watched him lay back down. I got back into bed. The licking started again.

I began to consider that maybe this was just attention seeking behavior. That he wanted me to get out of bed and pat his head. This time, I was determined to not give in. “Reward the good, ignore the bad.” This was an undesirable behavior on my end, and I didn’t want to reinforce it. So I waited. And waited. And waited. And I waited for nearly an hour. Being that John is deaf, I just let out a big scream because I knew it wouldn’t bother him. I was beyond frustrated and tired, and I wanted him to stop.


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What Fred Taught Me…Part 1

Who wouldn't fall in love with this guy?

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this guy?

Right before the holidays, I was a bundle of nerves. I was about to foster (and possibly adopt) Bully Project‘s Fred. It was love at first sight. I spent a lot of time with him, watching him in lots of situations. Since I have smaller dogs, and an older dog and a cat, I needed to know a lot about any new canine that becomes part of my family – even just temporarily. Plus the terriers, are well, terrorsterriers!

Fred proved to be the perfect candidate. Because of timing and location logistics, I only had one opportunity to introduce one of my dogs to him before he went to his first short term foster. I chose Bird, the medium scruffy terrier, thinking she had the most to say about things like this. She didn’t want to walk down the aisle with him but also didn’t think he was a serial killer. Good enough for Bird. Good enough for me.


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What Fred Taught Me…Part 2


Fred was trying to fit in with everyone – the terriers, the skinny old minpin, the hairless one-eyed kitty and all the folks at the park! He was really a saint!


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What Baci Taught Me About Fostering

Baci doing down at the vet

Baci doing down at the vet

Recently, we asked our friend Rennie if she would like to write a guest post about fostering for Bully Project. This is the result.

I’ve been a short-term foster mom for three of Bully Project‘s adoptables, and each of the dogs couldn’t have been more different from one another.

 First came Hunny, who I’m sure was part bulldog. She loved nothing more that long, loud naps on the floor. This dog could snore!

Then I had Ethel, easily the snuggliest dog I’ve ever met. Between her love of snoozing on me and her penchant for playing fetch in my one-bedroom apartment (not an easy feat), I’m convinced that she was part Chocolate Lab.


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New Adopt Me Jackets!

Bully Project Logo

Bully Project Logo

Just before Thanksgiving, I got this hankering for new “Adopt Me” vests for Bully Project‘s adoptable dogs. The ones from Houndgear.net are great, look nice, but are just sort of standard and don’t always fit our dogs very well. I really wanted to find something with a more customized look. Fortunately, one of our blogger friends, Cabana’s mom Mimi, who writes Ours for a Year, and her human daughter make unique “Adopt Me” jackets for foster dogs and rescue organizations.

In talking with Mimi about what I was looking for, I told her I would love something that would be reminiscent of the Bully Project logo.


And here is the AMAZING result:

Bully Project Adopt Me Jacket

Bully Project Adopt Me Jacket

Pretty awesome, huh? Mimi captured our logo perfectly and we are so thrilled! We ordered five of these jackets, one in each size available. Here’s to hoping we don’t have two dogs who simultaneously need the same size! But if we do, we’ll just order more, they’re that great!

Here are a couple of pictures of current adoptable, Dug, modeling the grey side:


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Doggie Kisses

Lucy Kisses

When Emily from Our Waldo Bungie asked me to send her a few photos of me and my dogs (which were included in this video, which you should all watch…as soon as your done reading this post), I was intrigued by the fact that two of the three pictures I chose show my dogs kissing me, aka licking my face.

After looking at that, how many of you are completely, totally jealous absolutely disgusted with me? So many people I know abhor the idea of a dog’s tongue coming anywhere near them. I sort of get it – dogs lick themselves. Then they use the same tongue (obvi) to lick you.


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Cone Conundrum

What do you do if your just-recently-operated-on dog absolutely refuses to wear a cone or other such device?

A friend of ours has very recently stumbled across this problem, and well, I’ve never had to tackle something like this, so I really just don’t know what to advise. Their dog was just spayed, and despite her grogginess, will do whatever it takes to remove her Elizabethan Collar, aka “cone of shame.” She went so far as to completely destroy it, leaving it in several different pieces.


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Daisy Mae Has A BBQ

“Yep, that’s mine.”

Ok, so Daisy Mae really doesn’t have a BBQ, but there is a great local BBQ restaurant called Daisy May’s – so we took a little trip over there with our friend Stephen to snap some fun photos! Here are the results:


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Ah, City Life…

Life in New York City is incredibly unpredictable. From skyrocketing rents, to fun flash mobs, to throngs of non-English speaking tourists, to…sudden arrivals to constructions sites immediately outside your front door!

In the past four days, my street has quickly become a bustling construction site, complete with Caterpillar machines, bulldozers, tons of lumber, and chain link fences. This is a full-on “Hard Hat Area,” folks. And it’s literally right outside my front door:


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Chester: That Lucky Dog!

Well, his story didn’t start out quite so lucky, really. He ended up at, as we know, a public shelter in Westchester County and was stuck in a corral next to a dog who didn’t seem to like him, or any dog for that matter, very much. Bully Project decided it would be best for him to get out of that situation as soon as possible, so when rescued him and sent him immediately to a foster home in upstate New York.

Even though it seemed like his luck had changed, he wasn’t quite out of the woods yet. After he was neutered, he developed a pretty serious infection that forced him to be on 24 hour crate rest for quite a while. And for such a social, friendly dog, being stuck in a crate all day long was simply driving him nuts. On top of that, we had to move him to a new foster family in New York City since his first foster mom’s commitment had been met.


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Gentle Leaders ‘R Us! (and Easy Walks, too!)

Goose and Bird
Proud to wear their Gentle Leaders

As someone who adopted the use of gentle leaders early in my dog parenthood, I was always so shocked when dog owners shut down the idea immediately. Throughout the years, I have used Gentle Leaders* for many reasons – for pulling, working with reactive dogs, etc. From my miniature pinschers to larger shelter dogs, I have always used them…and LOVED them! And, yes, when I see  a dog wearing one, I immediately like the owner (yikes! profiling!)

I am often sharing this great little video from Jean Donaldson’s of her desensitizing her dog, Buffy, to one.

I share the moleskin tip. I talk about the “deluxe” versions. I can talk for hours about the  Gentle Leader!


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It’s World AIDS Day

Just like many of you, my love for pit bulls and my desire to spread pit bull awareness, is just one of my passions in life. I’d like to use today’s post to talk about something a little different, and the doggies will take part, too. But if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to dedicate today’s post in honor of World AIDS Day, which happens to be today.

Nearly 16 years ago, I began volunteering for a not for profit organization in New York City called Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. I worked my way up through the ranks of the organization, from volunteer, to intern, to part time staff member. Now, I am a full time staff member, and have been going on 6 years. BC/EFA is one of the nation’s leading industry-based HIV/AIDS fundraising and grant making organizations. With the help of New York’s large theater and Broadway community, we raise millions of dollars each year and send that money back out across the country in the form of grants to AIDS Service & Family Service organizations.Another major event we help produce each year is Broadway Barks, an annual dog & cat adoption event here in heart of Times Square.


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Good News Part 1

Good news, everyone! Dug is…

Dug Adopted

In just one week, and only three days in his foster home (much to his foster mom’s delight and dismay), Dug now has a family to call his very own for the holiday season! While we were at this past Saturday’s adoption event, hosted byAdopt NY and John Bartlett, we met Lora & Mike. Lora volunteers at Manhattan’s Animal Care & Control and she, with her husband Mike, has opened her home several times to dogs who need a foster home. But when Mike saw Dug, he knew that this one was their keeper.


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Bartlett is a very handsome boy. At just under 60 lbs, this guy is one of the largest lap dogs we’ve ever met. He’s happiest around people, despite being a bit shy at first. We found him at the public shelter in Manhattan, where he’d been surrendered after being found tied up and abandoned in a park. Needless to say, he was a bit shellshocked.


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This is a courtesy listing for Animal Farm Foundation.

We have no idea how this big gentle boy ended up at the crowded municipal shelter, but what first brought him to our attention was his soulful and searching gaze.


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The Call for Love

Below is a poem written by Toasty’s, now Bella’s, 11 year old human sister Kaylah. We’re so proud that we’ve found such a wonderful family for Bella, and that they’ve all become such wonderful advocates for pitties everywhere!

Adopt a Pit.
Love a Pit.
Don’t despise a Pit.
Love the breed.

Care for the breed.
Don’t despise the breed.

We’re Safe!

We got lots of messages over the past day or so from friends and fellow bloggers telling us to stay safe during Hurricane Sandy. We are all safe and sound, and have been cooped up in our homes for the past 24 hours. We’re some of the lucky ones who still have power and running water, and there’s not much destruction in our immediate vicinities, but the majority of the city wasn’t quite as fortunate. Here’s some of what’s happened:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • On top of that, the NYU Langone Medical Center is still being evacuated, nearly 11 hours after their evacuation began when they lost power and back up generators failed.
  • Lots of flooding on the southern tip of Manhattan and the East Side.
  • Trees down in many city parks.
  • Hundreds of thousands without power and water.

So thank you all for thinking of us, and wishing us well. We made it through unscathed and now we all should think about all those who weren’t as fortunate.

Holiday Gifts that Give Back!

We love compiling lists of products and we were excited to create this list of great gifts that will also help animals in need:

We adore StubbyDog and their mission, so of course, first on our list is theirSuperhero Calendar. If your order is placed by today, the calendar will arrive in time for Christmas!


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Happy Birthday Lucy!

Today is the “birthday” of the one and only Lucy Blye! We say “birthday” because, of course, Lucy is a rescue and we never really know their real birthdays, now do we? But December 20, 2009 is her estimated birthday, so that’s when we celebrate – and today, Lucy is 2 years old!

I (Josh) never really know how best to celebrate a dog’s birthday, so I want to turn this post over to you guys. How do you celebrate your pets’ birthdays? Treats? Trips? Playdates? Parties? People food?

Tell us in the comments!

Holiday Tips from Our Vet

Last week, we got a beautifully informative email from Lucy’s vet about how to keep her safe during the holiday season. We loved it so much that we felt compelled to share it with you! It even reminded us of some rules that we break, and should definitely be more conscientious of! (And if you’re a New York City pet owner and need a new vet, look no further! City Vet Care is the place to take your family’s pet for medical care!)


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Secret Santa Likes Everything in Twos

Happy Pittie Posse Secret Santa Gift Exchange Reveal Day!

Apparently, Secret Santa though it would be fun to give our gift exchange a theme…of the number Two. Our Secret Santa turned out to Two Pitties in the City, who got us an AWESOME treat jar that they had personalized just for us! How cool is this: they went on our blog, found a picture of Lucy, and turned that into a stencil, which they then painted directly onto the jar! Check it out:


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The Whirlwind Foster

Pinky & Lucy enjoying antler chews

So, we’ve dropped a couple hints on our Facebook page about our new foster, and now I’m so happy to officially announce that last week’s “Adoptable Pittie of the Week,” Pinky, is the newest member of our foster family!

Exactly one week ago, the adoption coordinator of the Picasso Veterinary Fundof the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals brought Pinky to me. We knew that Lucy loves other dogs, and we knew that Pinky liked them too, but sometimes gets over stimulated. So we took a nice, long walk with the two of them and decided that they would be just fine living in an apartment together. And boy, are they! I haven’t seen two dogs play quite as much as these two do – wrestling, tug toys, and sloppy kissing sessions. Yes, I’m coming out – my dogs are lesbians. And I’m absolutely fine with that!

But Pinky has another nickname: the “Whirlwind Foster.” She came from a home in Staten Island where she was, essentially, being neglected. Her owners kept her in her crate 23 hours everyday, only letting her out to relieve herself, and probably even fed her meals inside the crate. We don’t know much else about her past, except that considering how desperate she is for human affection now – she probably didn’t get very much of it before.


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Letters from Lucy



I admit, at first, she made me a little nervous. She has a lot of energy, and loves to play, but she always tried to make me play by slapping my butt with her paw, and I didn’t like that so much. But Dad and I taught her how to ask me to play nicely, and NOW WE PLAY ALL THE TIME AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND I DON’T WANT HER TO GO AWAY.

Sorry, I get excited. Let me go calm down in my bed for a second…ok, I’m back.

We play so much and so fast, that Dad has a hard time taking good pictures of it, but let me tell you – there’s this one toy (I think Dad calls it a Kong Squiggle) that we play tug with for EVAARRRR. Dad even breaks out the big Kong now for Pinky to eat her meals out of, and when she’s done, I steal it and chew it on it because it tastes like noms.

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Bill & Josh’s Excellent NYC Adventure

Foster Dad's Fave New Pic of Me!

This past weekend, I took My Boy Bill out for a long walk around town. He wanted to see some of the big sights in the city before the flood of tourists starting arriving this weekend. We checked out Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, Times Square, some Broadway theaters & Shubert Alley. Bill wore hisHoundgear “Adopt Me” vest, which got him lots of attention! We also visited some friends and met some folks who may or may not be interested in adopting My Boy Bill!

Here are some photos of our little jaunt! Special thanks to my friend Stephen Mosher, for taking and providing the photographs. Stephen is not only a wonderful photographer, but also a fitness guru and one of the subjects of the new documentary film, Married and Counting. I even make an appearance in that film, too!


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Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…

StubbyDog Project Holiday Cards

The holidays are right around the corner and although we text, email and blog, we believe this is the perfect time to grab a pen and send cards. We are happy to share some of our favorites:

Our friends at StubbyDog hooked up with Melody McFarland of Melody Pet Photography and created these fabulous pittie holiday cards! All of the dogs on the cards are available for adoption. What a great way to share adoptable dogs!


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I’m the one without the Pittie at the Pitbull Meetup…Yep, that’s me

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to be at my local dog park when members of the NYC Pit Bull Meet-Up arrived for a scheduled trip.

I have been a member of the meet-up for a long time, but more as a lurker. The group organizes trips in the tri-state area for off-leash play, organized walks in the city and share their thoughts in a discussion group. I have enjoyed the discussion group and I think that it is so helpful to have this platform for new and old pittie owners. They often share stories, resources and alert each other of pitties in need.

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Thankful Letter from Lucy

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I can’t wait to eat some turkey! Turkey! Daddy never gives me people food, but I think if I snuggle up to him enough, and show him how thankful I am that he’s mine, he just might give me some noms. I’ll let you know what happens.

Two weeks ago, Dad and I set a goal for ourselves: get My Boy Bill adopted by Thanksgiving. Well, we didn’t do it. Sad face. My Boy Bill is still living with us (and if I am being honest, I’m pretty thankful for that)!

Bill and I have become pretty good buddies. We like to lay cuddled up together with Dad, and share our toys. We even share our deer antlers – I get it for a little while, then I give it to Bill, and then he gives it back!


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Penelope: The Thankful Pittie

Penelope plays so much its hard to get a picture

Since it’s Thanksgiving week, we want to continue on the theme of giving thanks and being grateful. We mentioned Penelope, the blue nose pittie that attended the NYC Pit Bull Meetup, but we didn’t share why she is such a lucky girl. Almost a year ago, she was just a nameless abandoned dog. One of thousands in NYC each year. But this lucky girl was tied to the Williamsburg Bridge during a snow storm, and was picked up by a good Samaritan. This nameless dog quickly became an Internet news star. The finder used his site to share her story.  She must have come by our email boxes hundreds of times – everyone was forwarding her story. Even our blogger Josh inquired about adopting this girl! She found a home within days! How often does that happen for a pittie-like dog? Little did we know, this lucky pittie was adopted by a great couple and a pair of pugs – that we’re acquaintances with from the Ft. Tryon dog park.  Now this pretty girl splits her time between NYC and DC and is not looking back.


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