Chester: That Lucky Dog!

Well, his story didn’t start out quite so lucky, really. He ended up at, as we know, a public shelter in Westchester County and was stuck in a corral next to a dog who didn’t seem to like him, or any dog for that matter, very much. Bully Project decided it would be best for him to get out of that situation as soon as possible, so when rescued him and sent him immediately to a foster home in upstate New York.

Even though it seemed like his luck had changed, he wasn’t quite out of the woods yet. After he was neutered, he developed a pretty serious infection that forced him to be on 24 hour crate rest for quite a while. And for such a social, friendly dog, being stuck in a crate all day long was simply driving him nuts. On top of that, we had to move him to a new foster family in New York City since his first foster mom’s commitment had been met.


Now, if you seen any of Chester’s videos on our YouTube Channel, you can tell this guy loves the outdoors and loves to play, especially with other dogs. So we moved him back to Westchester to live with our trainer Ann and her two chihuahuas. It seemed like the perfect situation for him: suburban life with doggie playmates and a trainer to work with him whenever she felt like it. But alas, one of the chihuahuas just never liked Chester.

But his luck has finally changed! And we are so happy to announce that Chester is no longer a Bully Project adoptable. Instead, Chester is now adoptable through the amazing Animal Farm Foundation, where he is now living, playing, training and being loved non-stop.

Many thanks to the four foster families who took in Chester while he was in Bully Project’s care, to the Deja Foundation for helping us cover the costs for his initial medical care, and to Animal Farm Foundation for helping to make Chester’s life before a forever home the best it could possibly be. We will continue to keep Chester on our website, Bully Project’s website and listed with Bully Project’s profiles on Petfinder, Adopt-A-Pet and AdoptNY as a courtesy listing. See how lucky Chester is? He’s got two organizations working to find him a forever home!