Cone Conundrum

What do you do if your just-recently-operated-on dog absolutely refuses to wear a cone or other such device?

A friend of ours has very recently stumbled across this problem, and well, I’ve never had to tackle something like this, so I really just don’t know what to advise. Their dog was just spayed, and despite her grogginess, will do whatever it takes to remove her Elizabethan Collar, aka “cone of shame.” She went so far as to completely destroy it, leaving it in several different pieces.


I suggested they try Kong’s Cloud Collar. No go – the dog had it ripped off in a matter of seconds, and it was simply not reusable. The vet even gave them a flimsy, but sufficient, fabric cone to try. After some compliance, the dog ripped that to shreds, too.

So readers: any advice? What tips, tricks and products have you used on your cone-resistant dogs?