Doggie Kisses

Lucy Kisses

When Emily from Our Waldo Bungie asked me to send her a few photos of me and my dogs (which were included in this video, which you should all watch…as soon as your done reading this post), I was intrigued by the fact that two of the three pictures I chose show my dogs kissing me, aka licking my face.

After looking at that, how many of you are completely, totally jealous absolutely disgusted with me? So many people I know abhor the idea of a dog’s tongue coming anywhere near them. I sort of get it – dogs lick themselves. Then they use the same tongue (obvi) to lick you.


Paige Kisses

Conversely, some of you are probably, “Oohing,” and “Aahing,” at how cute these pictures are. Some people cite arguments that say a dog’s mouth and tongue are cleaner than a human’s, and have enzymes in the saliva that do magical, special things to keep their mouths super disinfected. Even more contest that it’s how the dog shows their affection for their owners.

So where do YOU stand? Will you be lining up at the next doggie kissing booth you see?