Letters from Lucy



I admit, at first, she made me a little nervous. She has a lot of energy, and loves to play, but she always tried to make me play by slapping my butt with her paw, and I didn’t like that so much. But Dad and I taught her how to ask me to play nicely, and NOW WE PLAY ALL THE TIME AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND I DON’T WANT HER TO GO AWAY.

Sorry, I get excited. Let me go calm down in my bed for a second…ok, I’m back.

We play so much and so fast, that Dad has a hard time taking good pictures of it, but let me tell you – there’s this one toy (I think Dad calls it a Kong Squiggle) that we play tug with for EVAARRRR. Dad even breaks out the big Kong now for Pinky to eat her meals out of, and when she’s done, I steal it and chew it on it because it tastes like noms.


None of the other doggies Dad has brought home have played with me like Pinky does. Suzi played, but always tuckered out quickly, Lola never played because she’s an older girl, and we found out after she left that she was probably in a lot of pain, Herbie didn’t always play nicely with me so Dad had to keep us separated a lot of the time that he was here, and Bill just liked to cuddle, what a sap.

But now that Pinky will play nicely with me, we have the best time and I don’t care what Dad says, she’s my favorite foster so far! Dad also told me that we’re going to have her for a bit longer than expected because it looks like her potential adoption isn’t going to work out. Sad face for her, but BIG PITTIE SMILE FOR ME!!!