The Whirlwind Foster

Pinky & Lucy enjoying antler chews

So, we’ve dropped a couple hints on our Facebook page about our new foster, and now I’m so happy to officially announce that last week’s “Adoptable Pittie of the Week,” Pinky, is the newest member of our foster family!

Exactly one week ago, the adoption coordinator of the Picasso Veterinary Fundof the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals brought Pinky to me. We knew that Lucy loves other dogs, and we knew that Pinky liked them too, but sometimes gets over stimulated. So we took a nice, long walk with the two of them and decided that they would be just fine living in an apartment together. And boy, are they! I haven’t seen two dogs play quite as much as these two do – wrestling, tug toys, and sloppy kissing sessions. Yes, I’m coming out – my dogs are lesbians. And I’m absolutely fine with that!

But Pinky has another nickname: the “Whirlwind Foster.” She came from a home in Staten Island where she was, essentially, being neglected. Her owners kept her in her crate 23 hours everyday, only letting her out to relieve herself, and probably even fed her meals inside the crate. We don’t know much else about her past, except that considering how desperate she is for human affection now – she probably didn’t get very much of it before.


We’re also simply amazed that after such a long time of neglect, that she does have that drive to give and get love from humans. It’s the one thing that inspires us most about these dogs we know as “rescues”: despite what they’ve gone through, they bounce back better than before.

Now, with Lucy, and me, she’s a big ball of endless energy! We have to keep her on a tie down a lot, and reward her with love when she’s in a calm state. She’s been responding very well, but still has some crazy “whirlwind” moments.

And along those lines, she even already has an application for adoption – so talk about “whirlwind”! Yesterday, we met a nice, young man on the street who has been thinking about getting a dog, and just happened to love Pinky. We’ve had one more meeting with him and his girlfriend, and will have another tomorrow, but so far, everything is going well, and hopefully we’ll have great news to report very soon!


And if you think you may know of a great home for sweet, little Pinky, you can get more information about her from her profile on Petfinder, and apply to adopt her by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..