When You Have Room, Must Consider Foster

When a good friend lost her older dog to a chronic condition, within a week or so, she approached me and suggested she might be interested in fostering a SMALL, OLDER DOG. She has almost always had two dogs. Barb knew that she had the room to open her home and heart to a dog in need. Since she is retired, she gets to spend lots of time with her pets. Her home would be a great place for a homeless, senior dog to rest his head while looking for his forever home. Barb also realized that this type of dog might not get adopted easily and might be a long-term foster and that was okay with her. She was open to whatever we found.


Barb knew Bully Project doesn’t rescue small dogs but trusted I would help her find the right dog, right group, etc. Well, Josh and I shook things up and went on down to the city shelter to scout dogs that Barb could indeed foster. Because of Hurricane Sandy, lots of dogs are on extended hold in case their families are still looking for them, so this made our options slim. Until some devoted volunteers shared this boy with us:

We immediately fell in love, even though we were not totally sure of his background. What we knew:

  • He was brought in as a stray (who knows if that is true).
  • He had trouble walking due to extremely long nails and very matted feet.
  • He has extreme dental issues, some of the worst we have seen.
  • Milo is super sweet.

We aren’t sure what lies ahead for Milo, as he is pretty weak. What we know for SURE is that Barb and Bully Project will provide Milo with love, warmth, and care as long as he needs it. If it wasn’t for Barb opening up her home for this senior pet, we aren’t sure what would have happened. We do know he is being doted on and loved in his twilight…