My First Return

This past Monday night, Pinky was returned to the Picasso Veterinary Fund. To keep a long story short, it just wasn’t working out in her new home and I went over to their apartment to take her. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I don’t mean I’m disappointed with Pinky, nor do I mean I am disappointed in her (no-longer) adopters. I’m just disappointed that the adoption didn’t work out, in general.

D. & M. are lovely people and love Pinky, clearly. The three of them, as a family, seemed so perfect and I had very high hopes for their lives together. So the fact that their paths had to part is very frustrating, albeit for the best for all involved.


Through this, we learned a very valuable lesson: a “foster with intent to adopt” situation is a great thing. Not only does it allow the shelter to lay out very specific terms that need to be adhered to in order for adoption to become official, but it also allows everyone to feel things out. Meeting a dog on the street is vastly different than living with that dog 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the long run, we think this will help us find the right home for Pinky, and the right dog for D. & M.

So where is Pinky now? Well, not at home with me, unfortunately. You see, this is one of the two times of year when it’s very difficult for me to have a foster dog, regardless of size, energy level, or any other factor. I work two full time jobs for the next six weeks. Yes, you read that right. Two full time jobs. 80 hour work weeks, plus caring for my own dog is quite enough for this single dad. This isn’t too say that I wont have a foster dog for the next six weeks – I just need to get me and Lucy into a schedule that works for us before adding another dog.

So Pinky is at a doggy daycare here in the city at the moment. But we are working with the Picasso Veterinary Fund to transfer her to a different daycare center in Westchester County called Paws and Play. At Paws and Play, she will not only get lots of love and affection from people, she will also get great socialization with other friendly dogs, and training from our good friend Ann of Canine King. On top of that, she’ll get exposure to the clientele of the daycare and maybe even find a home in the suburban area with lots of space to run and play! And we also hope to take her on outings in some of the towns in Westchester to get her lots more exposure! We’ll be sure to keep you updated on her progress and story.