Foster Dogs Update

Lola Bird

We consider ourselves very lucky to have a slew of wonderful foster dogs, and even luckier that we’ve been able to keep in touch with many of their adoptive families. All of our past foster dogs have been making random appearances in our online lives, so we thought we’d share the updates with you. Here goes:

Lola Bird is doing incredibly well with her Mom, Kate. She travels all over the country and loves long car rides. Here she is admiring herself in the mirror:

My Boy Bill, who’s now known as Spencer, is loving life in New Jersey with his mom and dad, Beth and Chris, and his brother Linus. When Bill was living here, he was very mellow, considering he was recovering from losing a toe and all. But now, with his brother, he plays and plays. And he certainly looks VERY healthy!


Even though we don’t have any picture or video updates, we’re so happy to report that Pinky has a wonderful life with her new foster home in upstate New York. It may not be a forever home (yet!), but she has acres of land to run and play, and spends 24/7 with her foster mom. Nothing makes her happier.

Paige, who is now named Eleanor, participated in our last outdoor Bully Projecttraining class. During that series of classes, she broke through her barrier of learning “down,” with the help of her wonderful new mom and some yummy turkey meatballs. Now, she’s a legal assistant of the best kind:


Daisy Mae is doing well uptown in Inwood with her new dads. They’ve taken to calling her “Crazy Mae,” though, which I think is perfectly fitting. My big, goofy girl has gone on many adventures, and has claimed many things for her own, including this rock:

Daisy Mae

And these sunglasses:

Daisy Mae

And hopefully we’ll have a new foster to share with you all very soon!