What Would Stephanie Tanner Say? Part 2

Following my post on Tuesday about online behavior, I stumbled across this thread on my Facebook wall (pictures have been removed and names blurred out of respect for privacy):

And I was just sort of…stunned. Do I agree that what Michael Vick did deserves justice being served? Do I think karma is a bitch? Well, sure! I think he should be behind bars for the crimes he committed. He should be made to be an example of what the consequences of animal abuse are.

But to see someone publicly posting, “PTS PTS PTS PTS PTS,” about another human being is astounding to me. Even after knowing that the article was a complete hoax, it doesn’t change the fact that people want to see another person severely injured, maimed or even worse.


More importantly, as animal welfare and pit bull advocates, does it serve our cause to be saying things like this? Are statements like this effective in showing that we, as pit bull owners, don’t have our dogs as symbols of machismo, aggression and violence? Don’t expressions of outward hatred like this only lower us closer to the level of the initial crimes committed?

The original poster is a personal friend of mine – one who I know has tons of compassion and love in their heart, and a level head on their shoulders. Was their intent, in my opinion, based in anger like this? No, I don’t think so – I think they just meant to share a piece of ironic news to show that karma will come around a get the bad guys in the end. But the way this online discussion degenerated disturbs me, and I strongly feel that despite all of our anger towards Michael Vick, we need to be sure to maintain our focus on showing how amazing our dogs can truly be – for that’s the only way to change perspectives.