What Would Stephanie Tanner Say?

Jennifer was recently interviewed for an article that’s running today in the Wall Street Journal. Fancy, right? Yes. It addresses an issue that I think has begun to bother us all quite a bit lately, what with all the political hullabaloo going on. Called, “Why We Are So Rude Online,” Elizabeth Bernstein writes, “Whether on Facebook, Twitter, message boards or websites, we say things to each other that we would never say face to face.”

Jennifer was contacted about this issue in regards to a certain online argument over our favorite topic: pit bulls. The Wall Street Journal created an interesting little graphic (I repeat: we did not create this graphic) to exemplify what happened:


So, we want to know: has something like this ever happened to you? Over pit bulls or other topics? Has it ever resulted in the loss of a friendship? Has it lead to new or unexpected friendships?

Better yet, tune in to a live chat at 11:30am EST and get involved in the discussion. But don’t be rude! Stephanie Tanner wouldn’t “Like” it.