Road Trip!

Animal Farm Foundation!

Tomorrow, That Touch of Pit and Bully Project are making a little road trip! To where, you ask?

We’re big fans of AFF, if you couldn’t tell. We always share their adoptable dogs, many of whom have now been adopted! Dudley Do-Right is in a new home. Tutti Frutti, Stitch and Wanda all are too! They do amazing work placing great dogs in great homes and providing essential resources to their adopters and the people in their community. We try out best to model much of the work we do after the work done at Animal Farm Foundation.


We’re also going to visit our former adoptable, Chester, who we transferred to AFF when we realized that city life really was not for him at all. We’re excited to see the big lug, and we may even have a new friend for him in tow! Updates to come later next week…