What Mothers Day Means To Me

I believe that Mothers Day should be considered to be another Thanksgiving. Moms do so much for us that we will never, ever know. What we already know they do for us is much more than anyone could ever really express appropriate thanks for.

I am especially grateful on Mothers Day. My Mom has been an incredible support system in my life, and has taught me so much. She’s sacrificed a lot so that I could have what I needed, or even just wanted. She’s simply the best. We all think that of our moms though, don’t we?

My Mom is also a two-time cancer survivor. I’m unendingly grateful for that.

In 2008, my mom had a liver transplant. Several years later, she had to have a piece of her lung removed. This year, the American Cancer Society estimates that over 1.5 million people in the United States will be diagnosed with some form of cancer. One third of those people will lose their battles. For just liver & lung cancer, there will be approximately 258,830 new cases in 2013, and 197,940 of those people will not survive.


On Mothers Day, I celebrate that my mom is one of the 25% of people who survived these two types of cancer. The best way to do that, I feel, is by raising money for the American Cancer Society so that they can continue to help people through their own battles with cancer, help families cope with the challenges, commemorate the lives lost and celebrate the inspirational victories.

Please celebrate with me by supporting my Relay for Life fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. You can make a donation online by clicking here. If you prefer to make an offline donation, you can either speak to me directly or download this form and mail it in along with your donation.

Together, we can help make so many people’s Mothers Days (and Fathers Days, etc…) be even greater causes for celebration!

Thanks in advance for your support,