We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

Sometimes, we need to break the rules, and write about things other than pitties (or Jennifer’s terriers!). But, there is a pittie-connection…

Last night we got a message that one of our Bully Project teams found a stray dog and they needed to find a foster since family members in the home are allergic and two dogs were too much for the household. Of course, we assumed it was going to be a pitbull! Nope! A tiny little Shih Tzu who was shy but ever so sweet!

Quickly we came up with plan. To start: meet at the dog park in the morning and assess the dog. Here’s the pretty girl:


Quickly, all the dog-run regulars fell in love with her, and all the dogs became interested and invited her into their pack! One dog run family, in particular, was smitten with her and promised to take her home, clean her up, feed her yummy home made food (she is a bit underweight) and foster her until her original family is found, or a new forever home is found. She doesn’t have a microchip, and wasn’t wearing tags. And no signs (yet) of someone looking for this girl. No worries though – the black beauty is now snuggling with two loving a humans, a shepherd mix, a pekinese in addition to a poodle mix who is visiting.

The story will continue while we look for this girl’s family and if need be, find her a new home (unless the foster family fails…)

Dogs can surely bring people together and here is an instance where it can help an animal in need.
Bully Project goes beyond learning basic commands and training – its about relationship building …and community building. And what kind of animal advocacy organization would we be to always remain breed specific? If there’s a dog in need, regardless of whether or not it’s a pittie, we’re going to do everything we can possibly do to help!