True Pittie Story

Buddy and Pretty

This pic is one of my favorite Wordless Wednesday photos. I thought I had to share this duos story, so let’s call today’s post “True Pittie Story…”

One recent evening while approaching the dog park, my eyes immediately locked on two new dogs – pitties, of course. Buddy, was leaping in the air after balls (for a stocky boy, he surely jumped high). Pretty was indeed gorgeous but super worried and cautious about the new surroundings. They seemed to have a nice owner who was keeping an eye out to make sure they didn’t get into trouble. They were the sweetest things. Other dogs liked them and the people were loving all over Buddy. Pretty, as I mentioned, was shy. But both were responsive to their dad.




So, it was a total surprise to me, that he recently adopted BOTH of them! That’s when I found out how lucky these pups were. The pooches had belonged to his friend who suddenly died. Friends and family needed to find homes for his four dogs – all rescued pit bulls. Buddy and Pretty’s new dad stepped up to the plate for these two. They were the most bonded and it seemed like they (especially Pretty) would flourish being in a home with less dogs. He knew the dogs, spent lots of time with them and couldn’t turn his back. I am sure his whole life has changed now…evening time now at the dog park, lots of walks and whole new responsibilities. I don’t know the owner well, but I can tell he loves these dogs and the new path they brought him.

Within weeks, Pretty has blossomed into a more social and confident girl who will come by for a nice pet. Buddy has decreased his jumping and is much more polite! These three have found their groove. Check out Pretty making friends:

Finally relaxed

Pretty loves dogs!

This is a such a happy ending, but as most know, this isn’t the norm. Most folks don’t make plans for their pets if situations like this arise. I know it’s something that’s hard to discuss but it’s so important. So, take a moment this week and make a plan. Find a person you think would take on your pets as their own if something happens to you. Then ask them to be your dog or cat’s “godparent.”