Location, location, location!

Alice taking the time to smell the flowers

Picking the location for a pack walk is super hard in New York City! The routes that make sense and that are centrally located are within Central Park and Riverside Park. As organizers, when choosing a new place, such as Battery Park City, we consider things such as: will their be too much traffic (people, bikes, dogs, etc), are their separate paths for bike riders and the width of the paths. We have lots of requirements and and realize our options are limited.

We tried to mix things up this weekend. This past Saturday, some attendees might have called it a Hikeabull! The Pack ventured all the way up to my part of the city, Northern Manhattan, or as residents call it, “Upstate Manhattan.” The destination was Inwood Hill Park, which includes almost 200 acres of land that is a mixture of woods and a modern day park with athletic fields and a dog run. Our path was through the woods to the top of a bluff to check out the Hudson River and a nice walk down towards the landscaped part of the park along the marsh.


It never occurred that this walk begins with a long, steep incline that would be considered a challenge or difficult by some. It was exceptionally noticeable because all of our previous walks have been completely flat. We all know what happens when you ASSUME. So from now on, we will make sure to take all of these conditions into consideration. Although the walk was steeper than a few expected, we had a good time with old and new friends:

1. New folks like pittie/boxer, Kaylee and her peeps John and Ginjer, (I’ve known them for years from the dog park, but this is their first Big Apple Pittie Packwalk).


2. Lots of new dogs (and fun breeds) came along, like Helo, the Duck Tolling Retriever and Logan, the Shiba Inu.



3. Lots of familiar faces from our Bully Project classes:


Sonja (for adoption!)

Erika and Hailey

And our regulars:

Bird happy its a holiday weekend!

Lucy always has a smile!