Letters from Lucy

Hi everyone! Lucy here!

Didja hear?! Dad got me a new sister! Woohoo! And she’s little and she likes to play, which you know makes me very happy. But something…happened…to her.

You see, for the past three days, Paige has been wearing this thing. On her head. And it scares me! It makes her look like a monster, and it doesn’t feel good when it hits me. She pokes me in the butt with it, and smacks it against my face, and just chases me all over the place. And what does Dad do? Do you think he protects me? NOOOOOOOOO.

He laughs at me! I mean, he stops Paige from running around, using some excuse like, “No rough housing, you two.Paige was just spayed.” But he thinks it’s so funny – he tells me that I’m twice her size and that, “Paige is just playing, Lucy.”

She’s a monster! When will she stop being a monster, so we can play for real?!