The Other Secret’s Out!

So, while we were busy fostering Paige, who we just announced has officially been adopted, our other adoptable Doris Day was slowly recuperating and enjoying play groups at Paws and Play Pet Resort. We unfortunately didn’t get to share much of her story with you because she was so far away from where we live, and we didn’t get to see her on a daily basis.

As you know, when we rescued Doris Day, she had suffered a rectal prolapse and had had a procedure to put it back in place. Because of this, as well as some separation issues that she developed, we didn’t think she’d be available for adoption as quickly as she was. And we definitely never imagined that she would be adopted before our little Miss Paige. But that’s exactly what happened!

Doris Day is also…


A couple from Westchester County heard about Doris Day from one of the wonderful staff members of Paws and Play and went to meet her as soon as they could. They’re newlyweds who had decided that upon returning from their honeymoon that they would adopt a dog. All of the cards fell beautifully into place and they brought Doris Day, now named Angel, into their little family.

We have to thank the staff, management and owners of Paws and Play Pet Resort who so generously and graciously took care of Doris Day for us and helped her on her journey. We absolutely would have been able to make this possible for her without their help!