The Secret’s Out!

Paige celebrated Gay Pride in New York City’s West Village in a new tie dye t-shirt! Cute, right?

When we first rescued Paige from the public shelter, we didn’t think she’d hang around with us for longer than a week. At only 27 pounds and with one of the sweetest temperaments in the world, we just knew that someone was going to snatch her up, and quick!

And we were almost right – the first night she was here we got stopped on the street by a great couple! One worked from home, and owned his own business. He wanted to have a companion during the day while his partner was out at work everyday. They saw Paige from across the street and waved at me to wait for them. It seemed perfect until the next morning when I opened my email and saw that their landlord didn’t allow pit bulls.

Well, I was disappointed, but not overly so. It had only been 24 hours – how high could my expectations have been? But as time continued to go by, I grew more and more anxious. Maybe people didn’t really want a teentsy weentsy pittie? Maybe I wasn’t doing a good job marketing her online and in my community? Maybe my own secret desire to foster fail was permeating our intros and meet & greets? I don’t really know why, but what we thought was going to be only a week turned into a month.

Well, maybe some of you will remember this picture we posted on our Facebook page this past weekend:


What our caption didn’t mention is that Paige didn’t celebrate Gay Pride with us. She celebrated Gay Pride with her new mom! That’s right folks, Paige is…

An old acquaintance of ours named Rebecca sent us an email about a week and a half ago. According to previous conversations, we didn’t think she would be interested in Paige – she had always been interested in senior dogs. But when she emailed us, I knew it was the right choice. She understands the challenges and benefits that come along with owning a pittie mix, and she’s a dedicated owner with goals for her dog to become a Canine Good Citizen and a breed ambassador. She gets it.

But even though I know Paige is now in the most perfect home for her, I can’t help but think of how great it would have been to keep her forever. She was the perfect playmate for Lucy, and the best cuddler I could have ever hoped for. Keeping her would have meant a permanent hiatus from fostering, though, and that simply is not an option for me now that we have our own rescue organization.

So with loads of joy (and a bit of sorrow) in my heart, I say, “Goodbye, Paige! Thanks for one of the most fun months I have had in a long, long time!”